Payntr X 001 Golf Shoes: One of Golf’s Up-and-Coming Brands

Comfort meets style in an incredibly functional and affordable golf shoe with the X 001 by Payntr Golf.

Payntr caught my eye at the 2022 PGA Golf Show with a stylish, high-quality collection that’s priced to sell. The X 001 is one of three models in their current shoe lineup, and represents the brand’s mid-tier offering.


I opted to go with a size 11.5 as I am usually between an 11 and 12. With my wide feet, I found them to be a bit snug at first, but they stretched after the first few rounds. There are wide options, and I’d recommend going with that fit, if needed. I’ve had no issues with heel- or side-rubbing during my testing and the shoes provide a good amount of support for my high arches.


Some of my favorite features of the Payntr X 001 golf shoes include:

  1. Waterproofing – These shoes perform great even in rain. I’ve had no issues with wet feet and feel like I can navigate wet course conditions without worries. The mesh will obviously let in a little moisture if stepping in standing water, but it has to hit pretty high on the shoe and was nothing I was surprised by.
  2. Padding – The cushioned PMX Foam insert and sole make for an extremely comfortable feel, even when walking 18.
  3. Elastic laces – The elasticity of the top laces allow my feet to not feel constricted and maintain natural movement while walking or swinging the club.
  4. Details – Small details including the design of the back loop, color pattern on the soles and colored lace grommets make these kicks look really sharp.

Out on the Course

I tried two different styles of the X 001. The first was the “Mesh” style offered in black, and the second was the regular model offered in white and gray. I wore both in cold and rainy conditions and found the waterproofing to be a little better on the regular style shoes.

While I had no issues with water using the mesh shoes, they did allow more air to pass through and some water when I found a deep puddle. For rounds walking in the Florida heat, this definitely helped keep my feet cool. For very cold days [or for frequent cart riders], though, I’d probably recommend the traditional material.

The spikes perform great on the course. I was impressed with their ability to grip in wet conditions while not leaving any cleat marks on the greens.

Walking 18 at Whistling Straits and was comfortable the whole time
Closeup of size and shapes of spikes

Integrated Technology

The fundamental requirements of a golf shoe are to keep your feet dry, comfortable and natural to swing in, and Payntr’s X 001’s certainly do all that aided by a number of technological features called out below:

Payntr Golf delivers performance traction resulting from our shoe’s ability to resist, support, & enhance – allowing golfers the capacity to leverage ground forces, control movement, and maximize speed at impact. 

Articulated TPU outsole & zonally engineered PMX Foam midsole house a lightweight responsive graphite propulsion plate – delivers golfers maximum energy return to more effectively generate ground reaction force. 

Do I need a pair of X 001 shoes?

I’ve been really impressed with my Payntr X 001 golf shoes. They deliver an exceptional feel and the protection I value most. Their styling is very appropriate for my rather subdued golf wardrobe, and I feel like they can be worn on any type of course, with any colored outfit and with long pants or shorts. They’re versatile.

Maybe best of all, I love their price point. Payntr’s X 001 line is fairly priced at $160 a pair, which is quite favorable when compared to other brands of similar quality. If you’re in the market for new golf shoes, or looking to add a great all-around pair to your trunk, I certainly recommend picking some up for yourself.

Get your own pair of Payntr X 001 golf shoes here

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