Omada Golf Releases great new Accessories and Bags

After releasing their flagship Trilite Push Cart, Omada Golf has followed up with incredible accessories and bags. I had the opportunity to test out the full lineup Omada is offering and their quality and performance matched their top of the line cart.


Omada’s current 4-bag lineup has an option for every golfer. I was able to personally use the Carbon Max and Kentri Models. When I first unboxed these bags I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but I was instantly impressed. These bags are oozing with features, great looks and exceptional quality.

Carbon Max and Kentri Models

Carbon Max

The Carbon Max pairs perfectly with the Trilite Cart

The largest bag in the collection, the Carbon Max, is the right bag for the golfer who rides or pushes first but still likes the flexibility to walk occasionally. The bag is large but not unmanageable and has plenty of room for everything you can want to bring to the course. I chose to go with the all black styling as the classic look along with the carbon pattern detailing really make this bag stand out.

Magnetic Valuables Pocket

My favorite feature on the bag is the magnetic valuables pouch. Even something as simple as a pocket can show you the quality of a bag.

You will notice the bag has some subtle carbon styling that further adds to its great looks. The picture below highlights a couple of nice features including a velcro glove holder, pen pocket, oversized handles, soft top opening and hinged straps.

The Carbon Max is loaded with features


Kentri Model in Panda color scheme

The Kentri is what I would consider a mid-size stand bag, similar in sizing to what you would most typically see out on the course. What initially caught my eye on the Kentri was the great styling of the Panda model. The white and black color scheme makes this bag look like a million bucks. The premium polyurethane leather is so easy to clean and repels water. The side pocket of the Kentri is waterproof, as well, so clothes and accessories stay dry during those stormy rounds.

Perfect size for walking

One of the most important factors when considering a stand bag for walking is its comfortability. The Kentri has some of the best padded shoulder straps and back cushions in a bag that I have personally tried. The straps are attached with a pivoting buckle that allows them to conform perfectly to the width of your shoulders.

A couple additional standout features include the easy grab top handle, covered leg stand and pivoting base.

Easy to grab top handle
Large secure stand base

48-Hour Cooler

The ultimate accessory for your Omada Trilite pushcart has to be the 48-Hour Cooler. This cooler is designed to strap to the main post of really any pushcart and will carry six cans and ice. The cooler is reported to keep beverages cool for 48 hours and, while I have not tested the full 48, I did leave it overnight in my hot car and 24 hours later still had ice and cold beverages. You know us Wisconsinites can never be without a cold beverage within reach.

2 buckles secure the cooler

Once I secured the cooler and tightened the straps there was little to no movement throughout the round. Depending on your cart you will have to see just how the cooler fits. I was initially worried about the weight and if it would tip the cart backwards, but the weight of the clubs counteracted the weight of the cooler and there has never been an issue.

One aspect of coolers that I like to test is their proneness to leaks. With a fully zippered top I was concerned there may be some leaks. I am happy to report that there were no issues even when carrying this cooler upside down for several holes. The watertight zipper performed great and I can tell it is of a quality that will last for many seasons.

Something you may not consider in a cooler is the outside material. The exterior of the 48-Hour Cooler repels water, which makes it easy to clean after a messy, muddy round of golf. I also haven’t had any issues with the cooler sweating in the heat and leaving that kind of mess.

Use the cooler in a cart as well


If you think all hats are created equal think again. Even though I have a trunk full of hats I find myself reaching for the Omada Hydrotek Apollo for most rounds. This fully adjustable hat fits any head shape or size, and the vented back will keep your head cool on hot days. Minimalistic branding ensures that it should pair well with any of your clothes.

Omada currently offers three styles of hats with 28 color and logo combination offerings.

White is perfect for a hot day

Atlas Rangefinder

Are you in the market for a high-performing rangefinder at a price point that won’t break the bank? Then look no further than Omada’s Atlas!

The Atlas rangefinder comes in black or white, with a sleek leather case

I’ve been using the Atlas on the course for about a month and have been extremely impressed with its performance. Armed with a crisp OLED display and magnifying scope, the Atlas generates distance and slope readings quickly from a wide range of distances. I’ve rarely needed to take second readings as its Flag-Lok mode consistently detects the pin while rarely picking up background objects.

One quick reading is usually all it takes to get an accurate yardage with the Atlas, ensuring you can stay in a good rhythm on the course

At a price of $279 (before WiscoGolfAddict’s exclusive 15% discount), the Atlas rangefinder is a heck of a deal considering the set of features it offers:

·        Two modes (Active Track and Flag-Lok)

·        4K OLED display and magnifying scope for up to 7x magnification

·        Slope-adjusted distances with a tournament-legal slope switch

·        A built-in magnet that easily attaches to a cart

·        Extremely long range (up to 900 yards)

·        A rechargeable, long-lasting battery

The Atlas’ distances and slope readings have been highly accurate in my experience, as well, and I’ve been able to dial in my approach shots to a higher level this season. My GIR% has improved this year, and I believe that the performance and accuracy of the Atlas have been a key factor in that success.

The Atlas conveniently attaches to a cart with its powerful built-in magnet

Upgrade your gear today!

With Omada offering everything you need to get from tee to green it is the perfect time to update your accessories. My several months of testing these products has left me convinced that you will love the quality, styling and performance, too.

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Omada Golf is also available on Amazon – check out their products on Amazon’s site using the link below:

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