Omada Trilite: The Compact, Lightweight Push Cart

Every time you make the decision to ride in a golf cart you’re deciding against walking 3-6 miles.

It sounds like a lot because it is. Walking your rounds is a great opportunity for exercise, and it gives you a chance to better connect with and enjoy the game as it was intended.

Sometimes, though, when you’ve got a full bag with a dozen balls, rain jacket, extra socks and gloves, accessories galore and maybe even a few beverages you might feel yourself pulled towards riding. I do, too, even though I know I should take the exercise…

While it’s an inner conflict many of us battle, it can help make the healthy choice easier when you have a nice, lightweight push cart like the Omada Trilite.

The Trilite and its compact footprint, simple setup and onboard storage can help make your exercise more enjoyable, and it can help you recapture the essence and magic of golf through the full walking experience.

First Impressions

While unboxing this cart for the first time I was impressed with the size, weight, and look of the unit. Measuring 25.5” x 16.7” x 12.5” and weighing 14 lbs, this cart is one of the most compact and easy to load units I have tested.

It’s also easy to unfold with just two latches that need to be snapped, as you can see in the short clip below.

The cart features enough length in the straps to fit anything from a small carry bag to a full staff bag without any issues.

Full-size staff bag rides with no issue
Compact shape and weight


Body: The aircraft-grade aluminum body of the Omada Trilite feels solid while keeping the overall weight of the cart down. Both the main beam and the wheel bars held my bag secure and I never felt like the bag was going to tip over.

Lightweight and easy to push on the course

Wheels: The wheels are on the smaller end, but I did not find that to be an issue on the course. They are made of a thick, molded plastic so you’ll never have to worry about inflating tires. The traction on the wheels is fine and I had no issues on a wet day while navigating the course. The front wheel does not swivel, which I actually prefer – this allows you to “send” the cart a couple paces in front of you as you walk down the fairway. There is a single brake cable which connects to the right wheel. This single brake held the cart in place with no issues.

Color: The Trilite is available in 3 colors: White, black, or grey. All three colors feature black wheels and accents. I like having the option to break away from the traditional black or silver look of carts.

Grey color scheme

Details, Details, Details

The folks at Omada have put some thought into little details of the cart that impressed me:

  1. The texturized rubber grip is super comfortable and perfect for any wet or stormy days. I like how far it wraps around the handle, as well, letting you grab and push the cart from any angle.
  2. There is a small kick plate near the front wheel that allows you to use your foot to set up and take down the cart. That little feature is nice when you are trying to get set up quickly in the parking lot.
  3. The storage area on the cart is a nice, expandable area that will hold whatever you need. You can see in the picture below that I can fit my rangefinder, balls and more in the area.
  4. The brake handle is conveniently located on the top handle. I found it to work perfectly and hold the cart even on the steepest of hills.
  5. The brake cable is held securely to the main post and I never had any concerns with catching it during folding. I have had other carts where I’d routinely pinch the brake cable when folding the unit.


There are several accessories that can be added to the Trilite to enhance your walking experience:

  1. Omada Umbrella – This oversized umbrella has an impressive build quality and fits perfectly in the fitted holder. The grip is a nice material and the wind slots on the top ensure this won’t blow away in the wind. For the price being under $30 this is a great pickup.
  2. Carry Bag – This is my favorite accessory for any cart and the bag from Omada is no exception. At the end of a wet or muddy round I hate having to throw my cart into the trunk. The bag not only helps keep your car clean but prevents it from rolling around.
  3. Umbrella Holder – Omada offers a fitted or oversized option to attach an umbrella to your cart. During the few rounds I have played in the rain with a push cart, this holder has worked amazing. Keeping your clubs, towels and body dry is a great thing out on the course. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but if you do then you’ll be really happy to have it!
Oversized Umbrella
Carry Bag

Things to Consider

There are a couple things about this cart that you should compare to other types and brands based on your needs:

  1. Wheel size / material – For someone who likes to have the feeling of oversized air-filled wheels, these plastic-molded ones are not quite the same. I had no issues with them but they just have a different feeling.
  2. 3 or 4 wheels? – Today’s push cart models are most commonly 3 or 4 wheels.
  3. Portability – If you are someone who walks a lot and always has a cart in your trunk, you’ll want to make sure it takes up as little space as possible. Some brands offer larger profile carts with more rugged wheels, but they are huge and heavy.


A neat little add-on device that Omada offers is the Caddy-Clean. This all-in-one device is meant to help you keep your clubs in tip-top shape out on the course. Simply fill the bottle with water or soap solution, and it should last for 500 sprays.

Caddy-Clean includes a scrub brush, wire brush and 2 types of groove cleaners. I loved using it on the course and range, especially during our muddy spring here in the Midwest. This is a great little add-on, or purchase by itself, for the golfer in your life.


Enjoy the Walk

If 2022 is the season for you to walk more, this is the cart to help you do it. Portable, easy to set up and sleek-looking – what else do you need? Oh, how about a great price? Currently listed at $289, the Omada Trilite is a great value that I would recommend adding to your golf setup this season.

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