One With Golf: Stand Bags

It’s time to say goodbye to that old golf bag riddled with holes, stains, years of abuse and bad memories, and get a fresh start this season with a great new bag from One With Golf.

I discovered One With Golf at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show after wandering past a bag lover’s dream booth: A tower of every size, shape and color mesmerized me, and I had to grab the opportunity to chat with their owner, Sanny.

Sanny worked for years in manufacturing facilities, producing many of the industry’s top bags for its leading brands before deciding it was time to create her own.

One With Golf combines many of the best features and qualities you’ll find in any of the major bags without the price tag or advertising mark-ups.

One With Golf’s PGA Show Booth

Standard Features

All the carry bags from One With Golf come with the following features:

Rain Hood, Velcro Glove Holder, Towel Ring, Double Straps, Padded Back Area, 3-Way Top Handle.

The Xpress 3.5

The smallest and lightest bag in One With Golf’s collection, the Xpress 3.5 weighs in at 3.5 pounds, as the name suggests. This almost weighs less than the couple sleeves of ProV’s you’re bound to lose in a round!

side view of water bottle area and padded back support

Storage on the 3.5 bag is ample with 5 pockets including an insulated water bottle holder, and the large side pocket can easily fit any clothing you need to carry. All the zippers have great pull loops and feel extremely durable.

Solid base with half remaining on the ground

The base of the bag is one of my favorite parts with half of it remaining firmly on the ground. Some brand’s bags have just a small lever to activate the legs, and it seems like a small wind would blow it over. The Xpress 3.5 has a sturdy base and is designed to work just as well if you decide to throw it on a cart or walk the round.

The styling on the bag is great. With a simple gray overall theme and blue accent, I found it simple yet with a touch of color to make it stand out. I love the blue leg accents, as well.

One With Golf offers 7 different color combinations for the Xpress 3.5 to choose from on their website.

Color Combinations

The top of the bag features a 4-way divider for clubs and an oversized handle for maneuvering the bag between shots. I liked the fact that there were 2 side handles, as well, allowing you to grip the bag from any direction.

Top View
Side handle view

The Xpress 4.0

USA Color Scheme and patch

My personal favorite in the One With Golf collection is the Xpress 4.0.

Again following the naming convention, this bag weighs in at just 4 pounds. It is the perfect middle ground for a lightweight bag you can carry yet has enough pockets and compartments to hold all the essentials, even when riding.

I opted for the American theme for this bag, which is complete with a flag patch.

Starting from the top-down, the bag features a 6-way divider. This is the perfect way to keep clubs organized while staying flexible to your individual club storage preferences.

There are 2 oversized pockets for jackets, gloves or any other larger items. One feature I like is the velour-lined pocket on the side for keeping valuables. I like this in bags as I don’t want to worry about my watch or ring getting scratched.

6 way divider

The oversized ball pockets on the spine and front side provide enough space for carrying about 60 balls if you think it’s going to be a struggle of a round!

The base of the Xpress 4 is again divided in half, similar to the 3.5 bag. The sturdiness when using the stand is great and the base rides well in both a riding or push cart.

There are 6 color options available for the Xpress 4.0, including a light grey and violet. I mention this as you don’t often see a lot of bags with colors aimed toward women.

The Xpress Plus

The largest stand bag in the One With Golf fleet is the Xpress Plus. The Xpress Plus features a 14-way divider top and enough pockets to hold every golf gadget you can ever imagine, yet still weighs in at a minimal 5.5 pounds. This is one of the lightest 14-way divider bags I’ve ever used.

This is the perfect bag for the occasional walker, the player who takes a push cart or rides most rounds. Its 14-way divider keeps clubs perfectly organized yet properly spaced, and the oversized opening accommodates oversized putter grips.

Top view of dividers plus 3 handles

The bottom of the Xpress Plus features a large rubber grip footprint perfect for riding securely in carts or on the ground if you’re walking, and there are 7 zippered pockets for all the accessories you might need out on the course.

A cool little feature on the side of this bag is the tee holder.

Sanny was proud to point this feature out to me at the PGA Show as it demonstrates the way she’s considered all the little details that can make users’ rounds easier.

Tee Holder

Final Thoughts

All three models of One With Golf carry bags are amazing, including their quality, features and styling. The straps and padding feel great when walking, and with the way these bases are designed I am confident my bag will remain stable anywhere I leave it.

I am past the point of needing to advertise for a golf brand when walking up to the first tee. I would prefer comfort, portability, price and durability. One With Golf makes great products and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their bag this upcoming season.

You can get your own bag on One With Golf’s website here

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