Mullybox: Unbox the Fun & Intrigue

Mullybox is not a new brand to WiscoGolfAddict. In fact, WGA Contributing Writer Troy Giljohann first wrote about it on the site back in December of 2021.

It’s still pretty new to me, though, as this past month I got my first Mullybox of my own. For me it was similar to ripping open a pack of Topps baseball cards: It’s the excitement of the unknown – anything could be in there!

Unlike opening sports trading cards, though, you can rest assured whatever’s in a Mullybox will be worth way more than you paid for it.

At $120/box ($90 using our exclusive discount code WISCO), that’s a bold statement! In my case, though, I’ve looked up (and for the Coral Golf polo assume ~ $65) the overall value of the gear I opened to be a bit over $230.

Curious what was all in there? Check out my [first ever] unboxing video, linked below, and get your very own Mullybox on their website using the link provided!

Save 25% on Mullybox with our exclusive discount code WISCO!

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