Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes: McLay Kidd’s Midwest Masterpiece

David McLay Kidd has designed some of the most vast, fun-filled golf courses of the 21st Century. Beginning with the break-through of all break-throughs, Bandon Dunes in 1999, Kidd has led developments at Nanea Golf Club in Hawaii (2003), the Castle Course at St Andrews (2008), Tetherow in his now home town of Bend, Oregon (2008), Gamble Sands in Washington (2014), and a dozen or so others. His philosophy on golf course design sits in perfect harmony with Keiser’s on resorts; David McLay Kidd was destined to play a part in Sand Valley.

Golf Destination: Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (OR)

It is the Mecca of the American golf world, and the formula that has inspired remote golf destination resorts across the globe. It is the brainchild of Chicago businessman Mike Keiser, and the home of our nation's number two, seven, twelve and fourteenth rated public golf courses and three of's top 100 courses in the world. It … Continue reading Golf Destination: Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (OR)

Golf Course Review: Bandon Dunes (OR)

Bandon Dunes Course Rankings: Golf Digest: #7 US public, #37 US top 100, #33 toughest, #2 OregonGolfWeek: #8 US modern, #5 US resort, #2 #8 US public, #63 world, #34 US top 100, #2 Oregon Designer: David McLay Kidd (1999) Bandon Dunes was my first experience playing a David McLay Kidd course, which I … Continue reading Golf Course Review: Bandon Dunes (OR)