Bandon Trails: Golf’s Greatest Hike

This Coore/Crenshaw marvel is the only inland course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, an epic journey through nature complete with compelling architecture.

Brian’s 2022 Season in Review: The Search for the Great Golf Course

This year, my journey into the world of golf writing has taken me to compelling venues across the state and country, where I saw firsthand what makes a golf course great.

Sheep Ranch: Bandon’s Best-Kept Secret, No Longer

Sheep Ranch, the newest course at Bandon Dunes, is a cliff-hanging adventure packed with amazing views that adds to the legend of the world's greatest golf destination.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort: A Golfer’s Dream Come True

My first trip to Bandon Dunes confirmed what I had heard all along - that it is among the very best places for golf on the planet. By Brian Murphy.

Golf Destination: Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (OR)

It is the Mecca of the American golf world, and the formula that has inspired remote golf destination resorts across the globe. It is the brainchild of Chicago businessman Mike Keiser, and the home of our nation's number two, seven, twelve and fourteenth rated public golf courses and three of's top 100 courses in the world. It … Continue reading Golf Destination: Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (OR)

The Bandon Dunes Golf Experience: Video Journal

Last night, I was looking through pictures of my trip from Bandon while putting together my golf destination review, and I came across two massive video files: One from Monday and one from Tuesday of my buddy Greg and my recent golf trip to Bandon Dunes. Curious about what these could be (one was almost … Continue reading The Bandon Dunes Golf Experience: Video Journal

Golf Course Review: Bandon Dunes (OR)

Bandon Dunes Course Rankings: Golf Digest: #7 US public, #37 US top 100, #33 toughest, #2 OregonGolfWeek: #8 US modern, #5 US resort, #2 #8 US public, #63 world, #34 US top 100, #2 Oregon Designer: David McLay Kidd (1999) Bandon Dunes was my first experience playing a David McLay Kidd course, which I … Continue reading Golf Course Review: Bandon Dunes (OR)