Last night, I was looking through pictures of my trip from Bandon while putting together my golf destination review, and I came across two massive video files: One from Monday and one from Tuesday of my buddy Greg and my recent golf trip to Bandon Dunes.

Curious about what these could be (one was almost 4 gb and the other almost 2 gb), I clicked on the first one and was so excited to find out what it is: My Canon SX610HS digital camera, when in automatic mode, automatically creates a “Daily journal” that includes up to four seconds before each picture taken.

There has been no better way that I have seen to relive the moments of our epic golf trip than through these video files, and I thought it was so enjoyable that I converted both files to smaller videos so I can post them here. It does not include EVERY picture I took, I’m sure, as I took well over 200 per course, but it does provide a really interesting look at a walk-through of the four championship courses, as well as Bandon Preserve, at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.



Monday: Bandon Dunes (morning), followed by Pacific Dunes (afternoon):


If the above video does not load, please use this link via YouTube

Tuesday: Old Macdonald (morning), Bandon Trails (afternoon), Bandon Preserve:


If the above video does not load, please use this link via YouTube

My reviews for each of the Bandon courses can be found here:

Bandon Dunes

Bandon Trails

Old Macdonald

Pacific Dunes

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