Let’s give this a shot!

I’m guessing there won’t be more than a couple people who see this, but here goes the standard intro line:

Hey “Everyone!”

Welcome to my first blog. My name’s Paul and I’m kind of your average 25 y/o guy from Wisconsin, except for that I’m 32.

I have a bit of a compulsive and obsessive personality. When I get into something, I REALLY get into it. Golf, for example: It’s August 6 and I’ve played 46 rounds so far this season. I may not be an expert golfer, but as far as golf enthusiasts go, I am as expert as they come.

I have a real job where I sell healthcare equipment to long-term care facilities. Fortunately for me, my company is very flexible with time off, and I find plenty of time to enjoy Wisconsin summers. Like most Wisconsinites, though, I basically board up and get cabin fever every winter, constantly asking myself: “Why the hell am I still living in Wisconsin?” The best answer is that I love my job, family and friends here.

What I would like to achieve with this blog is two-fold:

  • Express myself through writing, thereby giving myself a venue to expand on my Facebook and Twitter “status updates.” I know, I suck at Twitter 🙂
  • Share my favorite hobbies and interests, especially golf, with other addicts around the state – and especially to get great ideas on what to do and where to go next!

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning and I’m sitting on my porch writing this, but all I can think about is how to get out and spend the day.

I hope you “all” find something good to get into, too!

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