Taking a "Step Down" and Working on the Fundamentals

For the past few years, I have passed by Noyes Golf Course several times a day on my way to and from work. Every time I see the sign, I say to myself: “No-yes? More like ‘Yeeess, nooo” – you know, Night at the Roxbury style.
But yesterday was different. Even my friend, John’s story about being mugged there while in high school did not deter me from stopping. I parked, locked and armed my car, and checked in on Facebook, so the cops would have a lead if I didn’t make it home. I paid my seven dollars, and in workout shorts and a tee-shirt, hit the links. I checked my phone and saw a friend tell me “I was taking a real step down.”
I was happy with my decision to check it out, and not because I felt it necessary to keep my head on a swivel with at least one club in my hands at all times. It has been years since I have played a par three course, and I’ve admittedly struggled lately from distances inside 100 yards. Especially around 30-50, my short game impotence has been tremendous.
These nine holes of 109 yards or less were exactly what I needed to work on my flop shot and ability to hold small greens, and there is now even a par-three lunch-time shoot-out in the works. I’ll have to remember to leave my bag in the car, and only carry the essentials: 8-iron, 56 and putter.
Of course, it also felt good to fire a 30 for the first time in my life. I probably won’t be writing an in-depth course review on Noyes any time soon, but it fits as good a purpose as any other training regimen, and I’m glad I stopped by to work on the old short game before a weekend spent at the Broadlands and Brown Deer.
Sometimes it’s nice to take a “step down” and focus on the fundamentals.

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