My Mission Statement

Any undertaking intended to draw a following should have purpose:

  • Who am I?
  • Who am I trying to connect with?
  • What is the essence of what I’m doing?
  • Why should others be compelled to follow?

With almost 2,000 page views in under three months, I want the golf enthusiasts following my blog to understand my vision and intent.

I typically shoot in the low-to-mid-90’s, and am ecstatic in the low-to-mid-80’s. I have a newfound hitch in my drive, which I spend a lot of time attempting to remedy. Although I cannot claim to be an expert golfer, I am certainly an expert golf enthusiast. I love the sport, and enjoy writing, research, statistics and photography. I like researching the courses I play, but have found it difficult to locate quality articles on area courses and what I can expect of them.

My goal is to provide an intuitive view of area golf courses, and of the overall Wisconsin golf community.

My mission is to provide the high-quality articles other golf enthusiasts seek, and to promote ongoing discussion on the best of the best in Wisconsin golf.

When you are looking for a new course for you and your friends to play, I want you to find a great recommendation on my site. I want to hear your opinions on it, whether they are similar to mine or unequivocally different.

If you’re like me and love the game of golf, bookmark my page and visit often.

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2 thoughts on “My Mission Statement

  1. You're super cool. I love this. Keep it up, you've got a good thing going here – I'll recommend it to all my golfing friends. What will you do in the winter though???

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