As all of my golf buddies know, maybe my favorite course within an hour of the Milwaukee area is ThunderHawk, located within minutes of the Wisconsin/Illinois border in Beach Park.

It seems like every time I have the opportunity to play ThunderHawk, it is either early Spring or late Fall, so being a little earlier in Fall this time I was able to refresh the pictures on my original review. Make sure to check it out here:

With a nice forecast in the works for this past Monday, one of my friends and I took the day off to head down to Beach Park, finding the course in awesome shape. The weather was perfect, but we had one complaint: They recently aerated their greens. Probably 90% or more of Midwest courses have aerated by now, so it’s not like it’s unusual, but it would obviously be better putting on smooth surfaces.

ThunderHawk Hole 11: Par 5

Because of the recent aeration, we played with a two-putt maximum. Initially, that was kind of a bummer, but we then realized that there is probably no better way to condition yourself to really go after putts than to feel like it doesn’t matter if you roll it a few feet by. One of the biggest issues I have in my short game is leaving putts short and not being aggressive enough – it was nice to use the day to turn those tables.

Surprisingly, I don’t think either of us had more than one hole that would have been three-putted, even with the aeration marks kicking putts around like Plinko. Lesson learned.

Your thoughts?

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