Looking Forward: Not Looking Forward To It!

Well all of you Wisconsin golf enthusiasts, as I look at the weather.com forecast it looks like we have tomorrow and Thursday left of our season.

Tomorrow will supposedly be in the 70’s and sunny in Green Lake, where some friends of mine and I are planning on spending a day off of work in shorts and short-sleeves at the legendary Lawsonia.

At Chambers Bay, a guy I played with recommended the website GolfClubAtlas.com. If you have not heard of this, I recommend checking it out. What makes it interesting is that it examines courses from the viewpoint of a course architect/designer, so it explains what makes a course like Lawsonia special. Here is their review of Lawsonia’s Links course:

For the remainder of the season, $65 will get you rounds at both the Links and Woodlands courses. We will be playing the Links in the morning, and the Woodlands in the afternoon. After a warm but potentially stormy Thursday, Friday should drop in to the 40’s with no more occurrences in the 50’s or higher in the foreseeable future. 
If you’ve got PTO available, my recommendation is to use it tomorrow (Wednesday), or maybe take your chances on Thursday.

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One thought on “Looking Forward: Not Looking Forward To It!

  1. As an update, I am told both courses are in beautiful shape. Following a tournament this past weekend, the Links course is stimping at a 12.5 (!), while the Woodlands course is still quick around 9.5 or 10.

    If 12.5 doesn't grab your attention, recognize that most PGA tournaments are played on greens that stimp between 11 and 12. The Masters has possibly the fastest greens in the world, and are typically sped up to around 13 for the event.

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