Coolest Tee Shot in the Midwest: TimberStone #17 (MI)

The Friday before my friend, Nick’s wedding last weekend, we played one of the three outstanding golf courses in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: TimberStone.

If you haven’t had a chance to play these courses yet, and if you set up annual trips with your golfing buddies, I implore you to make the U.P. and their Sweetgrass/Greywalls/TimberStone trio one of your next destinations.

All three are rated among the top courses in the state of Michigan – one of the most renowned golf states in the country – and all three feature some of the most picturesque golf holes you will find anywhere. Among the best of those is the 17th at TimberStone, a mid-to-long-range par three that has one of the most elevated tee shots I have ever seen (up there with Chambers Bay #10 and Hawk’s View #17).

Hole 17: Par 3 (215/195/156/120)

Setting up from 190 yards from the boulder tees, it was guess-work trying to decide on what to hit. It was my honor on the box, so I took away three clubs from normal to account for the elevation change and swung away:

Hole 17: Par 3 (215/195/156/120)

With the ball in the air for ten seconds, it is a thing of beauty watching it land safely on the right section of the green. This is certainly one of the best tee shots in all of Midwest golf.

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Tee Shot in the Midwest: TimberStone #17 (MI)

  1. We contemplated playing Deacon's Lodge, but had an 8-hour drive ahead of us [with Deacon's Lodge being 30+ minutes the other way], so we decided that one will have to wait. I have heard great things about it, though!

    How does it compare to the Classic, and against the other premium courses in the area? The Classic was one of my favorite courses I've played.

  2. “I was up in Brainerd, MN, this past weekend”

    Sure hope you played Deacon's Lodge while you were there. One of Palmer's toughest courses…all target golf with elevated greens, many of which fall off to wetlands/swamp/water.

  3. That is the number one complaint I always hear about Greywalls: Hitting fairways and getting bad breaks off of rocks… Totally understandable, but it's so unique that you have to play it at least once (I can't wait to play it again, personally).

    I hear great things about the Quarry and the Legend. I was up in Brainerd, MN, this past weekend to put together an article for the Classic course at Madden's, and if the Giants Ridge courses can even hold a candle to that then yeah they've gotta be good.

    The Classic was unbelievable – one of my all-time favorite golf courses, and especially with caddies made for one of my all-time most enjoyable golf experiences ever.

  4. Timber Stone is awesome. Love the tiered 18th hole as well. Sweetgrass is sweet! Greywalls is worthy to play once…too far of a drive. Grey walls is unique the way it is cit out of the “grey” stone. However, I think if you hit a good shot into a fairway you should have a “fair” lie…not always the case at Greywalls.

    Last week I just played the Quarry and the Legend at Giants Ridge (70 miles due north of Duluth, MN). They are Golf Digests no 1 & no 8 best public courses you can play in Minnesota. Spectacular courses and great scenery. The Rock outcropings remind me of Greywalls but a much better course in my opinion. Course conditions were in top notch shape…amazing they can grow turf that far north.

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