Softball Season Winding Down to an End

It’s late August, and the softball season is winding down to an end. In past years, I played as many as four leagues a week, which really messed with my golf swing and led me to taking last year off from the game.

This year, Hartland’s softball leagues came back, and so I felt the need to bring back the Dr. Tim R. Seifert softball team to Thursday nights.

I signed our team back up, our eighth season in the league, and the old gang was fired up to be back again. It’s been a fun season, and at 12-2 we find ourselves back where we belong: In the championship game for our fourth league ‘ship.

The 2010 Dr. Seifert league championship softball team
(Bones, Lids, Me, Alba, Pete, Johnny G, Wolf, Thompson, Jerk, Dibber and Kraus)

The one thing I didn’t consider before getting us back in the league, though, was that I would join a country club this year. I did not know that Thursday night would be men’s night, and the most fun day of the week at North Hills Country Club.

Tonight was our last softball game of the regular season, and after Friday, September 6, it will be back to all golf, all the time!

Anybody else have issues in the past with their softball swing screwing up their golf swing? Or vice versa?

The last week has been the worst golf of the season for me. I got out for 18 holes at the Club last night after work, and I can’t remember a time I have ever felt more like I had no idea how to hit a golf ball.

I am obviously hoping for a strong finish to the season. It makes me sad to say “Finish,” considering it still feels like the golf season just started. I, for one, am hoping for an Indian Summer, like two years ago when we were still playing in [fairly] warm weather in November, and when I had a streak going of 22 consecutive months of playing snowless golf in the state of Wisconsin.

Reality set in last night, when at 7:30 it was already so dark that my friend, Dan, and I could barely track our tee shots on the 15th hole. I was striking the ball so poorly, though, that it hardly mattered.

Here’s to a warm Fall and Winter. As long as there’s snow on Christmas, I can do without the snow and cold altogether!

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