October Was Great for Golf in Wisconsin

Several weeks ago, in early October, we had a stretch of weather that could referred to as simply abysmal. The skies were gray, high temperatures dipped in to the 40’s and low 50’s, and I couldn’t help but think to myself that it was the start of another long, brutal Fall and Winter.

We all remember the internment that was the Winter of 2013/14, and to return to that so quickly just felt overly penal. Mother Nature had to be playing a joke on us.

That joke turned out to be short-lived, as the sun and warmer temperatures returned for the end of the month, thankfully, and the past couple of weeks were pretty tremendous for Wisconsin golf.

I stayed busy during those weeks, playing some pretty great tracks including the newly renovated SentryWorld, Westmoor Country Club, and quite a bit at my home course of North Hills.

Let me start by saying the new and improved SentryWorld is absolutely phenomenal. I have all of my pictures from the day on my camera, still, and if/when I am able to get my laptop working again (or buy a new laptop) I am excited to finish my article on SentryWorld: Reimagined, including all of my pictures from the day and the new course.

Brian Weis teeing off on the new par 3 third at SentryWorld

Last weekend I played in a fun event at Westmoor called the “Chopstix Open.” The day is a 2-man best ball tournament that is set up primarily as golfers of Asian descent on one team: “Team Fried Rice,” and the others on “Team White Rice.” White Rice won the actual golf tournament, but I hear Fried Rice rolled in the most drinks category.

I was also able to get photos of each hole at Westmoor, and look forward to posting them. As a course that I have driven by for decades and never had the opportunity to play, I was really pleased with the actual golfing experience. The food, too, was excellent! I especially loved the par threes, and the variety of par fours. I am definitely looking forward to playing it again.

Today’s November third, and while it’s mild outside – around 60 degrees – it looks like next weekend we will return to the bitter 30’s and 40’s again. I am not at all ready for the golf season to end, and know I am not the only one in that mindset. Here’s to hoping for some more sunny weekends on the links.

Finally, I do have a lot of work to do with my writing. My laptop will not turn on and has all of my course photography, so I have been trying to find somebody to help me get it working again. If you or someone you know is good at this, please let me know!

The courses I still have to review include:

  1. Strawberry Creek Golf Club
  2. The Harvester
  3. SentryWorld
  4. Ozaukee Country Club
  5. Westmoor Country Club
  6. Bishop’s Bay Country Club
  7. Dismal River Golf Club, Tom Doak Course
At least I’ll have some new material to work on when the Winter does hit!
I hope you are all doing well, and I thank you for your patronage to my site.
Best regards,
Paul aka “WiscoSportsAddict”

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