My First Piece of Artwork: “The Lone Fir” at Chambers Bay

I have been renovating my home office lately, and last week had the thought that I would love to try my hand at drawing or painting – who knows, maybe I can eventually learn how to draw something that I can hang in my own home?

I have never considered myself to be in any way artistically talented, but found my way over to Michael’s in Germantown, and bought all kinds of things for beginners’ drawing and painting. Who knows what I’ll like? Or if  I’ll like it?
The results: I love it! Especially watercolor. I never knew what watercolor was, so I watched a couple YouTube videos for beginners and gave it a shot this weekend.
I finished my first piece yesterday, of the famous 15th hole at Chambers Bay: “The Lone Fir.”
After the Eisenhower Tree at Augusta was lost two years ago, this fir – the only tree on the course at this season’s US Open site – was named the most iconic tree in all of golf.
I present to you my rendition of “The Lone Fir”:

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