Product Review: Ashworth Golf Attire

I have always liked the look and feel of Ashworth Golf attire, but when they started publishing their current “Golf/Man” campaign, I really started to relate to the brand.

Golf/Man pulls at the hearts of golf purists who dream of true golf destinations, and its first three locations have been three of the finest in the world: Streamsong, Bandon Dunes and the Pacific Northwest (Chambers Bay, Gamble Sands).

Ashworth Golf/Man, Volume 1: Streamsong

Streamsong: Light&Shade

Ashworth Golf/Man, Volume 2: Bandon Dunes

BandonDunes LightShade
Bandon Dunes: Light&Shade

Ashworth Golf/Man, Volume 3: The Pacific Northwest

PacificNorthwest LightShade
Pacific Northwest: Light&Shade

Ashworth and their Golf/Man campaign relishes the pure golf movement: Walking golf on natural sites that look and feel like they fell out of the sky and were created by the hands of God, himself.

While Chambers Bay and Streamsong both required a ton of land movement, they have that feel, and their emphasis on walking the properties lead to an ethereal golf experience.

The high level of craftsmanship and fashionable looks of Ashworth Golf’s clothing lines make it a higher-than-most option for golf attire, but it is well worth it!

My current wardrobe consists of eleven Ashworth Golf shirts, 4 pairs of shorts, and my absolute favorite pair of shoes – the Kingston Saddles:

Ashworth Kingston Saddle
Ashworth Men’s Kingston Saddle Golf Shoes

Now is the best time for purchasing Ashworth Golf apparel, as they are currently featuring 30% off on their website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Shorts and pants are always a good gift for golfers, but a couple of things to take note of before hitting the “Place order” button:

  • Golf is not always a clean sport – dirt and mud often is rubbed off the ball, and when in a cart it is not unheard of to have soda (or more likely beer) splash up and get on your shorts or pants. I have often found it is best to go with shorts and pants that are darker, and especially that have some kind of pattern, like these:

    Ashworth Mens Performance Plaid Flat Front Shorts
    Ashworth Mens Performance Plaid Flat Front Shorts
  • If buying pants, make sure the legs do not go all the way to the ground. Golf pants should always be slightly shorter than regular pants to keep them from dragging on wet ground

Ashworth Golf Website

Golf gift givers cannot go wrong with the staple, solid colors:

Ashworth EZ-SOF Pique Tipped Polo
Ashworth EZ-SOF Pique Tipped Polo, Navy Blue

Don’t be afraid to go a LITTLE wilder, though – us golfers think we’re semi-fashionable on the course. Adding in some horizontal lines, or maybe a secondary color, can be fun.

Ashworth EZ-SOF Blocked Stripe Polo
Ashworth EZ-SOF Blocked Stripe Polo, Pebble/Lake Blue

Get the size right, and you’re bound to get/give a good gift. In my experience, Ashworth Golf clothing runs true to size, so don’t overthink with tops.

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