Breaking Eighty Golf Blog: Top 50 Courses in the World

Sean Ogle from the “Breaking Eighty” golf blog/website is another golf addict like myself, and has done some awesome work throughout the years on his website:

Breaking Eighty, by Sean Ogle

Sean is a younger guy who owns his own business, and has the opportunity to play some incredible golf courses during his journeys. I have always enjoyed his reviews and was excited to see a subscription email from him tonight about his newest endeavor, “The Top 50 Golf Courses in the World.”

The Breaking Eighty Top 50 Golf Courses in the World (2015)

The thing I love about Sean’s rankings here is that they are based on his level of enjoyment at them – not what Golf Digest, or GolfWeek says they should be, but his own personal opinions.

He would probably be shredded in GolfWRX forums for ranking some courses over others, but that’s what opinions are all about and I for one think it’s great.

Oh, and the pictures of each of his top 50 are stunning.


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