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[By new WiscoGolfAddict author, John Ziemer – equipment reviews and commentary on everything golf]

There are so many people out there who love the game of golf. Golf is not a cheap game, whether you are picking up a bag of clubs from a rummage sale, or going out and buying all of the latest and greatest technology. Every single year, sometimes a couple of times a year, major golf companies release new technology. With the time 18 holes can take and our busy day-to-day schedules, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to then go out and test all the latest equipment. Hopefully I can help save you some of that time, by giving you my unsponsored opinions.

I have been playing golf for 18 years, since I was 14. I’ve played many different sports.  When I was young, baseball filled the majority of my non-snow months in Wisconsin. I had swung golf clubs here and there and taken a couple of YMCA golf classes, but golf didn’t start consuming me until just before high school. My grandfather used to replay a par 3 at our local Muni in Appleton. Playing that hole over and over with him is where the love I have for this game grew. My first full set of clubs by Dunlop (driver through putter) lead me into tryouts for my high school team. From then on, the competitive game of golf has consumed me.

A little run down of my current equipment and what it replaced:

CURRENT                                                                        PREVIOUS

Driver – Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero 9.0º            Driver – Titleist 915 D3 9.5º

(Shaft – Aldila Rogue Silver 70 X)                            (Shaft – Aldila Rogue Silver 70 X)

3 Wood – Callaway 816 GBB Alpha 16.0º                3 Wood – TaylorMade SLDR 15.0º

(Shaft – Aldila Rogue Silver 70 X)                            (Shaft – Fujikura Speeder 77 X)

Hybrid – Callaway Apex 3 20.0º                                Hybrid – TaylorMade SLDR 21.0º

(Shaft – Aldila Rogue Silver 70 X)                            (Shaft – Fujikura Speeder 82h X)

Irons – Callaway Apex Pro 4-PW                              Irons – Mizuno: 4,5 – MP-53; 6-PW MP-63

(Shaft – Project X 6.0)                                                 (Shaft – Project X 6.0)

Wedges – Titleist SM5 50º, 54º, 58º                         Wedges – Titleist SM5 50º, 54º, 58º

(Shaft – Project X 6.0)                                                 (Shaft – Project X 6.0)

Putter – Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5        Putter – TaylorMade Ghost Spider S

Ball – Callaway Chrome Soft                                      Ball – Callaway Chrome +

Shoe – Footjoy DNA                                                      Shoe – Footjoy DNA

I am always looking to be a better player. Although equipment doesn’t make you a great player, it can help you be a better player. I love to test new equipment for look, feel and also what kinds of numbers it produces. But if it doesn’t improve where I am, then I’m not buying it. All golfers have different swings, feels, and looks. Hopefully my equipment reviews will help you find a good place to start, based on what type of golfer you are.

Like Paul told you in a previous post, and as you can see (above), my current driver is the new Callaway Epic. My next post will be a more in-depth look at that driver. In my initial testing, my carry distance increased so dramatically I knew it had to go in my bag. The feel off the face was the best I have ever felt. More to come soon!

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