Meet WiscoGolfAddict’s Newest Contributing Writer, Brian Murphy

WiscoGolfAddict continues to grow! A Madison-area resident and member at Nakoma GC, Brian Murphy has a detail-oriented approach to course reviews while maintaining a fun, leisurely flow I think you'll all enjoy. Welcome to the team, Brian!

Meet the Contributing Writer: Troy Giljohann

Meet our new Contributing Writer, Troy Giljohann, who's doing a fantastic job on product reviews! And make sure to check out his story about Tiger's 1st hole-in-one in his PGA debut at the GMO in '96!

Meet the Writer: John Ziemer

My friend, John Ziemer, will be joining me as an equipment writer for WiscoGolfAddict.

John and I have become good friends over the past year since he joined North Hills Country Club, and in listening to him talk so passionately about equipment and golf technology, I know he will be the perfect fit to provide both equipment reviews and commentary on competitive golf and everything else related to our great game.