Meet the Contributing Writer: Troy Giljohann

You may have noticed a new name around WiscoGolfAddict lately: Troy Giljohann.

Troy and his family are neighbors of ours here in Menomonee Falls, and over the past few years since they moved into the subdivision we’d talk a bit about golf whenever we’d see each other around – usually when he and his wife are pushing their kids in the double-stroller, or when we’d be doing the same with ours.

He’d stop by if we were in the driveway and I’d show him all my coolest new golf gear; he’d always have cool new gear of his own, too. In fact, he’s the one who let me borrow his drone for a month to try my hand at aerial course photography (that took no time to get hooked!).

So, Troy from down the road is a really cool, super-nice guy who likes golf, but it wasn’t until we had them join us and our neighbors Dan and Kristi for an outdoor movie night on the patio (putting together COVID hangouts is tough!) that I realized just how into golf he is.

I started inviting Troy for some of my “industry rounds,” and even though I never seem to play my best with him, he’s an awesome playing partner and always seems to have something cool to teach me.

When he asked if I’d be interested in having him write for WiscoGolfAddict, I couldn’t have been happier to welcome him to the team.

Left to right: Musky, JT, me and Troy at the 2022 Langford Shield at Lawsonia

Like me, Troy is a Wisco Golf Addict through and through, and though he may be too humble to tell you himself he’s an MSOE grad with a terrific technical mind, is an ex-professional photographer, former college golfer and has excellent business and networking skills. This guy was made to review the best of what the golf industry’s putting out for products, and he’s doing a fantastic job already.

Here are a few paragraphs he put together about his own golf journey… Please join me in welcoming Troy to the WiscoGolfAddict team!


My Golf Story

I began my golf journey at the age of 2, tagging along with my Dad as he hit balls at the local driving range. Growing up my Dad and I would sneak away during family trips to play in places like Florida, Hawaii and Costa Rica. I grew to love the sport and played anytime I could.

I joined my high school team and eventually played in college at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. While my game has improved over the years there is always room to drop a couple more shots. 

Why Product Reviews? 

I am someone who always loves gadgets, technology and something new.  I think this lends nicely to testing and reviewing golf products as there’s always something new to do or try.

My background is in Information Technology with a focus on end user experience. I like to put myself in every golfer’s shoes and think about what questions or issues they’re going to have setting up, using or supporting their new golf equipment.

Favorite Golf Memory 

I remember being at the Greater Milwaukee Open at Brown Deer for Tiger Woods’ first professional appearance.

Watching from the green on 14 I remember my Dad saying “I bet he hits this one in”… And wouldn’t you know it Tiger two-hopped it in for his first professional hole-in-one.

My Dad actually coaxed Tiger to throw the ball to the crowd, which he ended up catching before tripping and dropping it.

(I will never let him live that down)

Dad dropping Tiger’s 1st professional hole-in-one ball at the GMO (go to ~ 1:00/5:22)

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