Introducing the Next WiscoGolfAddict, Charlie!

The past week and a half has been very busy for my wife, Kelly and me – on Friday, July 7 at 1:05 in the afternoon we welcomed our first child, Charlie James.

Charlie was born 7 lbs 5 oz and 20 inches tall, and we couldn’t be happier to announce that he and Kelly are both healthy and so far he’s a wonderful baby boy.

A couple pictures of our little guy:

Just-born picture – welcome to the world, Charlie!
1st Family Pic
First family picture of Charlie, Kelly and me in the recovery room
7/7/2017: The birth of our first child and the next WiscoGolfAddict, Charlie!
Charlie watching golf
Charlie watching Mark Mulder win the American Century Championship with Dad

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the Next WiscoGolfAddict, Charlie!

  1. He is simply gorgeous. Nana Carol must be over the moon excited. Thanks so much for sharing. Sending lots of blessings and love from Cousin Nancy.

  2. Paul,

    Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy! He looks amazing and i’m sure will be holding a golf club soon! All the best!

    Jerry Woif

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