Blue Skies & Fall Colors

Let’s be honest: This has not been the best Wisconsin golf season.

We didn’t get started until mid-May, September was spent largely underwater and it has all the looks and feels of a season ending way too early in October.

While an early Winter is depressing to think about, Fall golf in the Midwest is stunningly beautiful and I was able to get out last weekend for a round that started out cold and dim, but ended up with bright blue skies and gorgeous Fall colors.

I had to snap a few pics on my cart ride home:

03-IMG_3212 - lookback
A look back from the green on the par four 3rd hole at North Hills CC in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
04-IMG_3232 - 4th tee
View from the tee on the par five 4th hole at North Hills

Comparatively, here was the same view last month toward the height of a weeks-long deluge:

The par five 4th hole at North Hills flooded by the Menomonee River during September, 2018

Speaking of underwater, here was the unintentional island green on the par four 6th. Not only was half of the course unplayable, the rotting smell and subsequent weeks–long mosquito infestation was almost unbearable.

September flooding of the Menomonee River resulting in a new “Island green” on 6

Okay, enough negativity. Here’s Charlie putting tons of practice balls in the hole on the short game green:


Hopefully that helped bring you back to better times. Here’s more great Fall colors at North Hills from last weekend:

04-IMG_3237 - 4th fairway
Second shot from the bottleneck on the par five 4th hole
04-IMG_3243 - lookback
A look back toward the tee box on the par five 4th
04-IMG_3250 - green
Approach shot in to the green on 4
04-IMG_3268 - lookback from green 2
My favorite look-back on the entire course (toward St. Anthony’s steeple from the 5th tee)
05-IMG_3269 - 5th green
Uphill approach shot on the par four 5th
06-IMG_3284 - 6th tee
Downhill tee shot on the long par four 6th at North Hills

I played just 27 total 18-hole rounds this season, down considerably from my normal 80- to 100-plus. 21 of those rounds were at North Hills, and most of the rest were during Spring family getaways to Florida and Charleston, South Carolina.

Like you all, I’m hoping for a prolonged “Indian Summer” to get out and swing the sticks a few more times. I’m also hoping to be more deliberate next year about making the most of my golf opportunities.

With my wife Kelly and I expecting our second child, a daughter, this January, I’d bet that I won’t be playing more golf in 2019. So I’ll have to be more proactive about scheduling rounds at new courses in order to keep adding content. The other option would be to have a contributing writer(s) to help supplement my posts… I’m open to that, too!

All I know for sure is that we deserve 2019 to be a much better year for golf than 2018.

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