Redvanly Apparel: The Intersection of Fashion & Comfort on the Course

Strolling up to the tee box today I can tell you there are two things people are looking at: What’s in your bag and how you are dressed. While I have never been one to care about either I finally found an apparel brand that I know I look sharp and feel comfortable in. I recently tried 3 pieces of apparel from Redvanly Apparel and want to give you my honest opinion.

Fashion meets Comfort

The blend of materials used in the 3 items I tried was a polyester spandex blend. While Spandex may seem like a taboo word I can tell you these are the most comfortable golf clothes I have ever worn. My wife immediately commented that I looked good in these clothes and loved the feel of the material. I usually struggle to find clothes that fit my stocky build and usually sacrifice a trim look for looser clothing in order to not impede my swing. With the Redvanly apparel I didn’t have to do either. 

Fit and Feel

I am usually between a medium and large size depending on the brand of clothing that I am wearing. I went with a large size for the polo and pullover and tested a medium and large pair of pants. Below is a quick video of me wearing all three items so you can see fit and flexibility during swings. 

Here are my thoughts on each item I tried:

  1. Polo Shirt – I typically can’t pull off loud colors or patterns on golf shirts so I opted for one of the Redvanly Grant Polos in black. It features a minimal print pattern that still gives you a little edge over just a straight black polo. The fit of this shirt was phenomenal. I have very broad shoulders and typically fit well in athletic cut clothing. This polo fit my body shape nicely and the stretchy material allowed me to not feel constricted in my movement during my swing.

    Speaking of material, the blend used in this shirt is so soft on the skin and made my cotton polos now feel like steel wool. The flexibility of the material cannot be overstated. If you are like me I find myself constantly having to tuck in the back of my shirt after shots or reading a putt. I can honestly say I was successfully able to keep my hands out of the back of my pants for an entire round! This alone is worth getting Redvanly shirts in my opinion.  
Eliminate the unsightly shirt tails that happen with other shirts

  1. Pull-Over – If you stroll into my closet you will find about 20 golf pullovers. They are definitely one of my favorite things to wear everyday on and off the course. I found the Redvanly pullover to be different than all my others for 2 reasons: First, the material. The spandex was super forgiving when swinging and I didn’t feel constricted at all. Second, it held up so well living in my bag pocket. There were minimal wrinkles and I could wear it immediately out on the course.

    I tried the pullover on a sunny mid 40s day and actually found it to be quite warm. Typically I would dress in multiple layers, but I didn’t feel a chill from the wind at all. One thing I wished the pullover had was a little elastic around the waist. With my broad shoulders sometimes pullovers hang funny on my back and elastic helps to give me a little more trim look. But, overall I would recommend this piece of apparel for your collection. 

  1. Pants – To set some context for this review I am a 34in waist with 30 inch length. The medium pants fit around my waste but were tight on my thighs. I would recommend going to a large if you typically wear looser clothing. The first thing you will notice when trying the pants on is there is no closure on the waist as it is all one loop of elastic material. I found them to fit perfectly with or without a belt and at no time felt constricted.

    The pants held my polo shirt snug, which is important to me so I don’t have to tuck it in constantly. It is hard to compare the movement allowed in these pants but it felt like I was wearing sweatpants. I say this because I had no feeling of constriction and the pants moved with me for every motion I took on the course. I wore them on a mid-40’s day for a round, did not feel any chill through them and didn’t get hot when strolling up hills on the course. These will definitely be my go-to pants for my rounds going forward. 

Updating the closet 

I was very impressed overall by this brand. While prices are not extremely low the quality of their product makes up for it. I think it is worth making some space in your closet to fit a few items from the Redvanly collection. It also cannot be understated that the people there were extremely friendly and super responsive to work with. That to me is worth it in this day and age where customer service is often nowhere to be found.   

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