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If you’re like me and searching for more birdies on the course, unfortunately this box cannot magically give them to you. But, it will equip you with the right accessories and apparel to do it yourself!

I was able to review a premium Birdie Bundle box and was absolutely delighted with what was included.

Getting Started

Birdie Bundle offers two levels of subscription boxes including “Primary” and “Premium” versions. Both bundles offer amazing products, but the Premium edition has a couple more apparel items each month to accompany accessories.

To set up your subscription, Birdie Bundle has you first take one of the best quizzes I’ve seen to help tailor the box to you. Unlike some subscriptions that mass mail the same boxes with the same items to all their subscribers, Birdie Bundle prides itself on individualizing the experience.

Leaning into both preferences and dislikes, the quiz aims to develop a comprehensive profile of each member. One of my favorite aspects is that it asks for specific colors and brands that I’d like to eliminate from the box’s contents. Not much worse than paying for something you already know you don’t like!

The box is shipped quickly after ordering the first month, so if you’re looking to stock your bag right away you’ll be all set. You can then choose for delivery on the first or 15th of the month going forward.

A Peek Inside the Birdie Bundle Box

Opening the box I noticed two things right away:

  1. The packaging looks phenomenal and attention to detail was evident in the way products were placed. I set to work right away unpacking this overflowing box – you can see firsthand what was all in it in my video below:

The Birdie Bundle team made sure to include things that would make sense for a Midwest golfer, and I especially love the glove holder and great pullover.

To me, the best thing about subscription boxes is that they often include items you’d never think you’d want or need, but after getting and trying them wind up wondering how you ever played the game without them.

Do I need this?

What is better than looking forward to new golf accessories every month? I would argue not much.

The fact that Birdie Bundle tailors all their boxes to your personal preferences is unlike any of the other subscriptions I’ve tried, and I was really impressed with the quality of all the items included in the box.

At the price point, I think Birdie Bundle is a great value and one you’ll look forward to receiving every month to help fill your golf bag with new golf gear you’ll love.

You can signup for a Birdie Bundle on their website

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  1. Do you have women’s polo shirts in A-line or more roomy design. Many older women in my golf league are interested. Also, shirts in petite sizes and not so long. I have never found a golf shirt that I feel comfortable in due to length and width.

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