Proud 90 Apparel: Because Golf is Fun

I came across my first piece of Proud 90 Golf Apparel as an item included in a Birdie Bundle subscription box. I noticed the quarter-zip immediately because of its unique color and great feel to the material. After checking out their website I had to get my hands on more, and they did not disappoint.

The motto of Proud 90, “Golf is Fun,” also piqued my interest. While I use that “Fun” word occasionally on the course, there’s another “F” word that comes out about as much.


The Proud 90 polo collection has it all, with 30 bold pattern options for those beer-drinking rounds with the boys and solid polos for your more serious outings.

What I love most about their shirts is the material. As you can see in the image below, they STRETCH. I find that helpful to fit my body shape without feeling constricted, and it also keeps me feeling fluid with my swing.

Incredible stretch

The comfortable fabric and moisture wicking kept me nice and cool while testing these down in Florida. I love the quote on their website about how this can help your game:

“Sweaty golf polos that don’t handle moisture well are responsible for 98% of 3 putts across amateur golfers worldwide. Proud 90 polos are designed with a cool moisture wicking fabric and a quick dry material to keep you cool, calm and collected before and after every shot.”

* Sweaty 3 putt statistics have not been verified by the USGA or any other governing body in golf.

-Proud 90 Golf
We had some fun with this Neon Flamingo shirt

Sizing – My opinion is that the sizing runs a little large for Proud 90’s tops. If you’re on the fence, I’d recommend going with the smaller size because of their fabric’s stretch. There is plenty of forgiveness in the sleeves and sides of the shirt that should keep you from feeling constricted.

Tropical options

Pricing – Proud 90’s solid polos will run you around $50, and their patterned options are around $70. This is a little on the higher end for the patterned shirts, but they run deals frequently and you can get 15% off by using the discount code WISCO.

I think this is a great deal for the quality of shirt you’re getting.

Tons of fun prints

Q-Zip Pullovers

While most of what you’ll hear about Proud 90 is about their polos, don’t overlook their quarter-zips whose color options complement the polos nicely and are ideally suited for wear both at the office and on the first tee.

Sizing – Sizing for Proud 90’s quarter-zips is similar to their polos where I’d recommend skewing smaller if you’re on the fence.

I tested both large and medium q-zips and one thing I should mention is their length. While the large size fits my frame well, it’s a little long. For this reason, the medium size is better for me as its length is significantly more comfortable.


Pricing – Affordably priced at $60, these quarter-zips are a no brainer to add to your wardrobe.

Why do I like Proud 90?

This brand looks and feels like they’re out there to have fun. Their selection of polo prints are unique, their feel and fit is great and I can definitely see myself wearing the quarter-zips both on the course and out to dinner.

Proud 90 sells at a solid price point, especially for their quarter-zips, and right about where I’d expect them to for the polos.

If you’re on the fence about needing some Proud 90 attire, my favorite quote from their website summarizes it all perfectly:

It’s about kicking back and having a few beers with your buds while playing a game we love. It’s about getting out there and having a great time on the course, regardless of whether we’re shooting in the 80’s or the 100’s. 

-Proud 90 Golf

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