Proud 90: Comfort and Style in Pinehurst

There’s no better time to rock new gear than on a golf trip. It’s vital to approach a trip well-prepared, with an array of outfits that are comfortable, breathe well and look good. If you love the game and enjoy traveling, you need to bring your A-game both from a golfing and fashion perspective to maximize the experience and create the best memories.

Proud 90’s motto, “Golf is Fun,” is the reason why we enthusiasts go on golf vacations in the first place, and its apparel couldn’t be better suited for golf travel.

On WiscoGolfAddict’s recent excursion to Pinehurst, we were thrilled to hit the links with fresh new polos, hoodies and quarter-zips from Proud 90. As Contributing Writer Troy Giljohann explored in his review last year, this up-and-coming brand features really fun and wild colors and designs, with comfortable and stretchy fabric that ensures a less sweaty experience on the course. Less sweat and bright, vacation-themed shirts made for the perfect enhancement to an already-epic buddies trip in the North Carolina sandhills.

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The Quarter-Zips

When I first tried on my Proud 90 quarter-zip, I felt blissfully comfortable in its smooth, stretchable material. They wear large, so my medium-sized piece turned out to be a little baggy, but not so much that it hindered my swing or felt hot. The mornings at Pinehurst were quite chilly, but it warmed up considerably in the afternoons. While my Q-Zip provided ample warmth in the morning, the lightweight material breathed well enough that I didn’t feel the need to rip it off the moment temps topped 60.

The Q-Zips come in Breezy Blue, Baton Rouge, Azalea and Deep Ocean, four unique colors that each have “vacation” written all over them.

We had our game faces on while chasing the Red Jacket in our comfy new Q-Zips – me in the Breezy Blue (left) and Sam in his Baton Rouge (right)

Sam blasts out of the sand in his Baton Rouge Q-Zip

The Hoodies

Similar to listening to music in the cart, wearing a hoodie on the golf course is a relatively new craze embraced by the younger golfing generations, much to the dismay of the old guard. Some may disagree with hoodies being acceptable golf attire, while many others find their comfort and look appealing for a laid-back, cool-weather experience. My take is that anything that makes you feel more comfortable and less uptight will likely help you play better, and if a hoodie does the trick, then all the power to you!

Regardless of where you stand on hoodies on the golf course, I think most would agree that Proud 90’s hoodies look sharp and provide a level of comfort that’s perfect for relaxation (whether that’s on or off the course). Their hoodie line comes in four colors – Deep Blue, Sunday Red, Blue Marker, and Caribbean Coral – another lineup of bright, easy-going looks.

“It’s incredibly comfortable and I love the fit and feel, and I surprisingly enjoy wearing a hoodie on the course.” – Paul Seifert

Paul makes his best attempt at a 12-footer in his Deep Blue hoodie

Where do you stand on hoodies on the golf course? We’d love to see your opinion in the poll below and hear your thoughts in the Comments section!

The polos

Proud 90’s extensive polo line includes fun vacation-themed patterns as well as bold solid-colored options, ensuring you can dial in your wardrobe selection for the nature of the occasion. For the Pinehurst trip, we had the opportunity to choose a polo style that best spoke to our golfing selves while fitting in with the overall vibe of the trip.

The light, stretchable material of Proud 90’s polos provided for maximum comfort and removed any inhibition (both physical and mental) that could negatively impact the golf swing. On a sunny, 70-degree Carolina afternoon of a multi-round day, I hardly sweated at all in my Clover Green polo, even though I’m known to sweat a lot. After an excellent round at Mid South Club in my “good luck” Clover polo, I can’t wait for Wisconsin weather to warm up enough to wear it on the course again.

Sam’s “Little Palms” polo, the perfect look for a Southern golf getaway in the winter

The “Green Clovers” polo was my good luck charm, propelling me to my best round of the trip at Mid South Club

Paul’s “Electric Green” polo


Proud 90 has priced its Q-Zips, Hoodies and Polos at outstanding rates, offering deep discounts at the moment with many items marked down below $50. With WiscoGolfAddict’s exclusive 15% discount on top of that, you can update your golf wardrobe in style at an even more affordable rate!

Closing Thoughts

With their extensive lines of trendy polos, quarter-zips and hoodies, Proud 90 continues to make its mark on the golf apparel industry and has definitely lived into its motto “Golf is Fun.” Coming to Pinehurst with a hand-picked arsenal of Proud 90 gear certainly added fun to our golf trip, while adding plenty of comfort, as well.

For more on Proud 90, check out Troy’s full apparel review below!

Link to Troy’s review of Proud 90

Get 15% off your Proud 90 order with the discount code WISCO

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