Snowman Golf: Polos and Q-Zips with a Cool, Artistic Vibe

One of my favorite things about reviewing golf products is when I come across a previously unknown brand that’s putting out really unique, interesting gear.

Such is the case with Snowman Golf.

If you had the opportunity to play in this past year’s Wisconsin Hall of Fame Golf Outing at Blackwolf Run, you’d have been hard-pressed to miss Snowman’s presence. Adam Pawlak from Egg & Flour and his entire team were wearing custom Snowman polos, and the event’s winning team led by Colin Yelich was rocking their designs, as well. Even Donald Driver – one of the coolest Wisconsin celebrities of all-time – was sporting a limited edition black and white Snowman top with the brand’s yeti mascot on his chest.

After chatting with the owner of Snowman, Eric, on the 8th tee, and later with Adam and his group, my interest was piqued to see what they’re all about.

“Snowman started as a brand for people that enjoy the game, but don’t take it too seriously. We wanted to create gear that was fun and unique, but wasn’t going to break the bank either. Our standard retail price for a polo shirt is $49.”

Eric, Owner of Snowman Golf

Growing up in Milwaukee and now living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Eric’s work with Snowman goes well beyond the golf outfits to the day-to-day tinkering with his brand, and this for me has been some of the most fun content to follow.

On an almost daily basis he’s flexing his creative muscles with new takes and graphics: The Snowman from the McCallister house from Home Alone, Step Brothers for Halloween and Matt Foley as a ballmarker, just to name a few.

“My background growing up was in art, so being able to get the creative juices flowing again has been such a great experience.

The amount of support we have received so far has been incredible. There have been endless people who like the brand and simply want to help spread the word. We are beyond thankful to have these people in our corner.”

Eric, Owner of Snowman Golf

It’s in that artistic vein that Eric’s designing golf clothes and accessories.

At first glance, I admittedly thought the classic “Angry Snowman” polo would be a little too progressive for me. My wife even told me I’m not cool enough to pull it off. But, honestly, I love the way it looks. The pattern is bright and with a lot of color, but it comes together cohesively and I think looks great on me – a 43-year-old not-that-cool dude.

The “Angry Snowman” shirt’s product description on the website made me laugh, too: “Features a pretty upset Snowman.”

I admittedly probably don’t wear it as well as the brand’s top ambassadors, though, which include Pawlak, Professional Skateboarder Christian Sereika, musician Tyler Blake Barham and Stephanie Hoffman of Underground Metal Works. You’ll notice these are not professional golfers but are folks who are really good at their day jobs doing really interesting things, and during their time off love playing golf.

Similarly, Driver, Mason Crosby, Danny Woodhead, Hoobastank lead singer Doug Robb and Incubus’s DJ Kilmore have all commissioned cool custom runs with Snowman.

And that’s what Snowman is all about: It’s a lifestyle brand for people who love the game but don’t take it seriously enough to spoil a great time enjoying their favorite leisure activity.

I witnessed this firsthand in September when I hosted Pawlak for a round at my home course, North Hills Country Club. Adam, a former contestant on Hell’s Kitchen and now Owner/Executive Chef of Egg & Flour in Bayview and downtown Milwaukee, is a great guy who absolutely loves golf, and we couldn’t have enjoyed our day together more.

I, of course, had to roll out with my “Angry Snowman” shirt. Adam had the same pattern on his driver headcover, and was rocking the Snowkid V2 polo.

Adam teeing off on the 13th at NHCC

Playing as a fivesome, we set up a 3-on-2 game where Adam and my friend, Kevin, were paired up against Sam, Adam’s buddy Andrew and me. Playing non-competitive competitive golf with an emphasis on having a good time, we got out to a commanding lead early, but Adam and Kevin poured it on late and pressed our 4-bet advantage to tie things up on 18.

Team Pawlak/Reilly pressing 4 bets on 18 at North Hills vs. Seifert/Sova/Stein

There have been no pretty upset Snowmen from me so far with any of their clothes, though; in fact, I’ve played pretty well in them and have definitely been comfortable in their 92% polyester, 8% spandex 4-way stretch fabric that features moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties.

The shirts are breathable and light-feeling, but not at all cheap. For just $49 apiece, I’d say that’s a remarkable selling point.

The Angry Snowman golf polo


My first foray into quarter-zips with Snowman Golf is with the Liger Q-Zip. An homage to many of our favorite player, Tiger Woods, the Liger pullover has a fir-like pattern that intersperses the traditional Snowman teal (my all-time favorite color) with Tiger-like orange, black and white.

This is an incredibly comfortable quarter-zip, fitting somewhat loosely. The sizing, like on their polos, runs standard and a size large (my standard for tops) fit me well.

Putting practice in the Liger q-zip


Sometimes you just need the right hat to help bring a full outfit together, and Snowman makes some awesome ones, like their Purple Corduroy Snapback. Using high-quality fabrics, these hats put the yeti logo front and center with color that pops.


The evocative colors and patterns of Snowman Golf may not be for everyone, but they’re a very cool change-up for players who enjoy rocking something a little different on the course with a fresh, artistic vibe.

Their tops are comfortable and look sharp, and at $49 for polos and $69 for quarter-zips will let you bring style to the course without breaking the bank.

Get your Snowman Golf apparel and follow the company’s journey on their website, Facebook and Instagram using the links below:

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