Edel Wedges: Hit it. Flip it. Dial it in.

The time has come… retire those old worn out grooves and treat yourself to some new wedges from Edel Golf!

I came across Edel (Pronounced Uh-Dell) looking for flexibility in dialing in my wedge feel and fit. The Edel slogan for their wedges is: “HIT IT. FLIP IT. DIAL IT IN.” – so I had to try it. I admit that I am someone who struggles with change in their bag, especially in the wedge department, but trust me you will not be sorry with this upgrade. Combining both the ability to choose from custom grinds and adjustable weighting, these wedges will fit your game!

Picking the Right Wedge

Golf has become as much science as it is skill. While selecting a new wedge may seem easy, there are a lot of factors that lead to the right fit for you and the Edel website does an excellent job helping you navigate the terminology of the golf world. My favorite part of this is the way they explain it all in short, easy-to-follow videos that leave you informed but not overwhelmed with information.


I never really considered the grind on my wedges in the past but rather focused on bounce, loft and lie. After watching some videos on the Edel site, I now know and understand better just how important grind can be. I settled on testing a T-grind and C-grind on my Edel wedges, feeling these should give me the best performance for the types of shots I hit along with the forgiveness I need.

T Grind View
C Grind View

Just by addressing the ball with different grinds you can tell tell right away how the club sits and feels against the grass. I was very happy with my grind selection, overall, but would be curious to try different combinations, as well.


Edel wedges are advertised to have “Full Face Grooves”. While I personally would put Edel grooves somewhere in between a normal groove pattern and full-faced, I think it is a happy medium. Below are pictures of other wedge brands and their groove patterns so you can compare to Edel’s.

Titleist Vokey
Callaway Jaws Full Toe

I found the performance of the Edel grooves to be similar to other wedges I have had in the past. I am not someone who spins the ball much, but having new grooves is apparent when you take them out on the course. The extra forgiveness you get from the full face grooves is nice and I select wedges now based on having this.

Custom Weighting

Their adjustable weighting system is the key Edel advantage over traditional wedges and may be the biggest reason you should consider a set of them. You may have seen other companies offering customizable weighting on their irons and it seems to be a growing trend in the industry.

So just how does weight adjustment work?

“Our weighting technology allows the golfer to adjust their wedge to match their natural swing profile and release motion. These profiles are typically broken into three major categories: Cover, Side On, Under or in simpler terms, a continuum of steep to shallow.”

Edel Website

Three weights come with your new wedges, including a pair of 2-gram weights and a single 8-gram one. The ability to adjust these weights to tailor to your swing as I mentioned is what makes these wedges special. I have never had such adjustable clubs before and I can tell you the weighting makes a world of difference. I spent an hour at the range dialing my wedges in by hitting a series of 5 shots with each weight configuration. I would note the ball flight, distance and of course any mis-hits. I cannot begin to describe how different each setting felt. The fact that moving such a small amount of weight even a few millimeters on your club can have such a profound impact is astonishing.

While there are recommended weight configurations based on your swing path, I recommend the try-and-adjust technique to get it right, and just like the slogan says: “Hit It. Flip It. Dial It In!

I ultimately settled on center-weighting for the best feel and performance on my wedges.

The engraved logos and matching hosel colors give these wedges a rich look that anyone will appreciate. Forged from carbon steel and finished in a soft chrome, these wedges perform as good as they look.

The Wedges Your Bag Deserves

I have been extremely happy with the performance of my Edel wedges so far. Priced at $200, these fall right into the middle- to high-end of wedge pricing, but they are worth it! Every person, swing and shot is unique so why conform to a wedge built for the masses?

Edel will allow you to tweak your wedges until they are right for your game.

Visit the Edel website to find your fit and improve your game today!

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