Argolf Perceval: My Quest for the Holy Grail of Putters

I’ve been a really bad putter for a very long time.

Much like the story of Perceval and Galahad, knights who sought the Holy Grail in Arthurian legend, I’ve been on a years-long quest to find the right putter for me. I’ve tried all kinds of different [mostly blade] models over the years, too, including the original Odyssey 2-ball when it was released in 2001, several Scotty Camerons, a TaylorMade TM-180, See-More RST2, 43″ Odyssey White Steel 2-ball mid belly putter, and for a couple of rounds even tried using a Tad Moore lefty steel-faced hickory blade. Because, why not? My left-handed putting couldn’t possibly be worse than what I was doing right-handed!

One thing I hadn’t tried in years, though, was seeking actual professional advice. So, I spoke with one of Argolf’s fitting professionals at last year’s PGA Merchandise Show, and he walked me through the steps. We looked at a number of different putter models, including blades, mallets and halves, and at different offsets and aesthetics (confidence plays a big part in golf!).

Several half-mallet options from Argolf at the 2022 PGA Show

The putter we settled on for me was the half-mallet Perceval model. It hit and felt great on their putting mats, and the angles looked more appealing to my eyes than I was used to.

Receiving my new putter in the Spring, I couldn’t believe how consistently smooth the contact was. There was one issue, though: I was still bending over too much, and was still putting poorly – even if the contact felt much improved.

After a trip to the North Hills Country Club pro shop, I had the shaft lengthened two inches, got my posture more upright and ended the season putting the lights out (for me).

Whether it’s the proverbial “arrow or hunter,” I quickly found confidence in my putting stroke using the Perceval half-mallet and finished the season with a bunch of low scores, consistently shooting 79-83 versus my more typical 83-85. As an 8-9-handicap who doesn’t have time to practice enough, that’s a really significant improvement.

The Argolf Perceval putter

If you’re not familiar with Argolf, they are a French-based club manufacturer that specializes in putters, wedges and irons. They make top-of-the-line golf equipment named for Arthurian legends like the Excalibur, Mordred, Perceval, Merlin and, of course, Perceval.

Utilizing exacting CAD-aided industrial design and CNC milling manufacturing processes that stem from their leaderships’ pasts in the aerospace engineering industry, Argolf uses incredibly pure, premium-quality materials to make high-end clubs that put performance and aesthetics on a pedestal. They design their clubs using the principles of fine jewelry, understanding that to discerning players the details mean everything.

The Perceval is a very simple putter to use. With a head manufactured from GSS 304L German Stainless Steel, the face is slightly wider than your traditional blade, lending it great forgiveness; the side wings of the half-mallet are symmetrical to help players line up their putts more efficiently; weight is distributed slightly from the center of the club towards the toe, and the C-Cut grooved face leads to a consistently soft, crisp roll each and every stroke.

As with all Argolf clubs, the Perceval is also quite beautiful, especially mine, which features the WiscoGolfAddict logo prominently on the club’s sole and my last name on the inside of the face. This club is a fantastic example of how the company builds equipment that lives at the intersection of show-floor aesthetics and Tour-grade performance, and it rolls the ball beautifully.


Argolf has great options to personalize your new putter. Like mine, you too can have a logo or name added to your new sniper, and can also affect the colorways pretty significantly including the head finish, shaft color, sight line paint fill and headcover.

  • Head finish: Silver Edition or Dark Edition ($50 extra)
  • Orientation: Right-handed or Left-handed
  • Shaft length: 32″ up to 38″ (mine has been extended to 36″)
  • Lie: 70* standard, 68* flat, 69* flat, 71* upright or 72* upright
  • Loft: Standard, 1-2* weak or 1-2* strong
  • Grip: 16 total options (Argolf mid-size pistol black)
  • Shaft color: Chrome or black PVD ($25 extra)
  • Paint fill – sight line: White, black, red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, orange, green purple or pink
  • Headcover: Carbon black vs. carbon blue lab ($10 extra)
  • Etching: Included ($45 extra)

Outside of the etching (currently free for new orders during the holiday season) and logo, my Perceval is fairly standard with a silver finish, standard loft and lie and chrome shaft. The versions with paint-filled sight lines look beautiful, as well.

Get your quest started

At a base price of $399, the Perceval is not a cheap putter. Having stroked it even a few times, though, you’ll quickly understand why: Argolf makes premium-level equipment, and the Perceval is a very high-end putter – by ways of looks and performance.

Have you been questing for the right putter to fix your scoring game, too? If so, I can’t recommend Argolf enough. This is a company that cuts no corners in the pursuit of Tour-grade equipment, and following a full season of playing their clubs I can say I’ve been incredibly impressed with their equipment. I think you will be, too.

Get your own Perceval putter on Argolf’s website

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