Precision Pro NX10: High-Quality Build & Great Speed

The rangefinder marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds over the past six to eight years, and golf enthusiasts like myself love it.

Just seven years ago, Bushnell owned over 90% of the golf marketplace and there were very few serious competitors. If you wanted a high-quality rangefinder, you had to spend a lot of money on a new Tour V3 – typically around $500.

It was around that time that Clay Hood and Jonah Mytro of Precision Pro set out on their mission: To manufacture a great rangefinder at a price point that everyday players could afford. They did this at first with the Precision Pro V-400, which at the time of its release was an absolute game-changer, providing a quality build at under $200.

The company has continued to innovate in the rangefinder space since, and has continued to release excellent rangefinders that won’t completely break the bank.

One of the most recent and significant of these releases in their portfolio is the new Precision Pro NX10 Slope, which this season replaced my old Tour V3.

What I love about the NX10 Slope

Simply put, speed. The NX10 Slope is fast and consistent, and is noticeably in the conversation as being as quick and consistent with its readouts as any other rangefinder we’ve tested. If you’ve visited our page of rangefinder reviews recently, you’ll know that includes a lot of rangefinders (currently 13 and counting)!

While the NX10 is a sleek-looking model with its white shell and black optics, it’s that performance that has kept it in my bag (or cross bar when riding in a cart) for the past few months.

Features & Options

Not many rangefinder manufacturers can provide true options on their products, but Precision Pro does with their replacement skins. With dozens of patterns and graphics to choose from, players are urged to make their rangefinder just that: theirs’.

Support one of your favorite golf brands, like The Fried Egg, Youth on Course, No Laying Up or Random Golf Club, for example, or show some love for your country or even several state options. Want a little less personal? Maybe camouflage or tie-dye is more your style. Or, you can always go plain.

This is a really good rangefinder, in my opinion, for players with shaky hands. It has a solid, substantial build and, even at longer distances, Precision Pro’s Target Acquisition Technology makes locking onto flags and other targets very easy. If you’ve ever played with a rangefinder that has too much wobble, you’ll know how much of a pain that can be and why this is such a great convenience.


As stated in its name, the NX10 Slope rangefinder has slope functionality. If you’re new to rangefinders, slope takes elevation into account to provide an “adjusted distance” that gives players a better idea of the club they’ll want to hit.

We like to use this graphic in our rangefinder reviews to exemplify slope functionality:

This graphic puts into perspective how much a change in elevation can affect club choice. In the example shown, modeled after the par three 7th hole at North Hills Country Club, the actual distance a player will want to hit the ball is 9.8 yards farther than the point-to-point distance/tee-to-flag. That’s a full club.

Hitting the distance alone will most likely result in landing the ball on the upslope, or worse the sand. Having slope functionality on a rangefinder can make a big difference.

Keep in mind that the use of slope is not allowed in USGA and other tournament settings, so if you’re in a sanctioned event be sure slope is turned off. The image below shows slope ON – the green space behind the slider is an obvious visual for your playing partners:

The green space on the back switch indicates slope functionality is ON

Magnetic cart grip

Another fairly new advancement in rangefinder technology that Precision Pro’s NX10 includes is a magnetic cart grip. If you’ve used a unit that has this, you won’t ever want to go back. It’s a very simple system: The outside of the case has a built-in magnet that allows you to attach the rangefinder to a golf cart crossbar. This takes it out of your bag, out of the cup holders and puts it right within reach at all times. It’s convenient and has become an absolute necessity, in my opinion.

It also means you need to make sure you remember your rangefinder after every round. I’ve had to go back to visit bag rooms several times after leaving rangefinders on cart bars, and actually lost my Blue Tees Series 3 Max after leaving it on the cart at SentryWorld this past July (I realized it after getting home that night, emailed and it never showed up).

Above images of other available skins courtesy of Precision Pro


At $279.99 (currently on sale for $249.99), the NX10 is an excellent rangefinder at a great price point, and there’s no wonder so many leaders in the golf content industry have latched onto it as one of their preferred products. I know I have.

For the best deal, get your NX10 Slope on the Precision Pro website

Precision Pro is also available through Rock Bottom Golf:

Precision Pro is also available through Amazon.

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