2022: The Year in Review for WiscoGolfAddict.com

Well, folks, 2022 is over and we here at WiscoGolfAddict are looking forward to a great 2023!

The past year had a lot of great golf-related highlights, and over the past three weeks I’ve been counting down my favorites for you all on Instagram. In case you missed them, I posted an earlier article that includes the countdown and content below:

In our 12th year of content creation, the website more than doubled in traffic in 2022 compared to any previous years as hundreds of thousands of golf enthusiasts visited the site. Our social media accounts have shown incredible growth, too, especially on Instagram where we entered the year with 3,840 followers and finished it with over 5,400 (> 40% year over year).

While we’re just ramping up, we tried all kinds of new things on WiscoGolfAddict.com last year including an online shop and strategic focus on golf equipment and apparel. Between Troy, Brian and me we published over 100 product reviews in 2022 – I can promise you that very few, if any, sites in the world have had near that level of production in the space!

We work hard to build programs to save you, our readers, money on gear we enjoy and think you’ll love, too. Check out the “Product Discounts” page from the header menu for a full listing of brands and products we’ve negotiated deals for on your behalf:

We’ve added Coaching & Instructional content with Paul Mindel of the Wisconsin Golf Academy (more below), elevated our photography skills ten-fold with help from iconic local photographer Rich Bauer and are still focusing our most concentrated efforts on what started this whole thing in the first place: World-class golf course content.

We also started building out video content – on Instagram, the website and on YouTube. While the followers are still waiting to flood in there, we’re creating a trove of videography that included 53 new pieces in the last year alone. If you’re on YouTube, give us a follow!

Golf course reviews

We recognize that the growth of WiscoGolfAddict.com started with golf course content, and for Brian, Gregg and me this will continue to be our key focus moving forward. Between the three of us, we posted a record 35 course reviews in 2022 and have plenty more in the hopper.

Curious what are our most popular course reviews were in 2022? Here are the 21 most visited, ranked by traffic:

Product reviews

Troy, Brian and I reviewed a ton of amazing golf gear in 2022. Here are the 15 most popular product reviews on the site last year, again by traffic:

Professional and elevated photography

In addition to Troy, Brian and Gregg providing terrific additional content on golf courses and products, we’ve also worked hard on our photography. Learning from and working with professional photographer Rich Bauer, Troy and I have worked endlessly to improve our skills both with handheld cameras and drones, as well as with all the back-end edits and finishing.

We’re now using professional-level equipment and have stepped up our threshold for quality to constantly add more value for the brands we partner with.

This has been an incredibly rewarding venture for me, especially being able to look back over time and see the improvements we’ve made in the level of quality for our product reviews – even in just the last year alone!

I’m also excited for Rich to become more a part of the WiscoGolfAddict team in the new year, providing written content as well as photography and being readily available for professional-level shoots. As you can see on his website (below), his work is incredible!

CaddieBike (photo: Rich Bauer)
Edison wedges (photo: Troy Giljohann)
ECCO Biom (photo: Paul Seifert)
Rich Bauer Photography – what a portfolio!

Golf coaching & instruction

We also welcomed Paul Mindel to the WiscoGolfAddict team in 2022 as our first coaching and instructional expert! Paul has decades of experience coaching and teaching all levels of golfers, and I see a lot of me in him with his constant quest to improve and add new skills to his repertoire.

One of Paul’s key strategic focuses right now, for example, is on the mental side of the game. He has been working one-on-one extensively with one of the world’s true leaders in Performance Psychology, Dr. Raymond Prior, to better help his students perform better – on the golf course and in life.

Check out our new Coaching & Instruction page for more information on Paul and especially on the upcoming Golf Performance Day being held January 22, 2023 at North Hills Country Club.

Coming in 2023

There were a lot of new focuses and improvements in 2022, and there will be a lot more to come in ’23!

This past year, for example, I took a course with Jeff Dauler of The UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff on podcast development and aim at developing a regular audio show.

We will also be offering professional photography services, including for golf equipment brands, golf courses and even individuals. Is there a photo we’ve taken that you’d love to feature on your office wall? We’ll make it happen for you. I’m in the process of vetting photo printing services now, but for the time being will make all photography available as digital downloads for personal use.

How can you help?

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2022 was a phenomenal year for WiscoGolfAddict.com. Kelly, Troy, Brian, Paul, Rich, Gregg and I would all like to say thank you for your continued support of the site and the ongoing development of the brand.

As the world continues toward normalcy again, we’ll continue to put out the best possible golf-related content we can and we’re excited to enjoy the tremendous growth and overall adventure with you all. On behalf of the team at WiscoGolfAddict.com, we wish each and every one of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2023.

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  1. Good Morning: Just an additional pat on the back as you are not giving your growth in instagram the credit you’ve earned.

    Beginning with 3,840 users and finishing with 5,400 is 40.6% growth. Nice work, (5,400/3,840) = 1.406 or 40.6%.

  2. Wow! So much accomplished in 2022! Great idea to compile and rank it all. I’m so proud of you all, this is a great resource for golfers.

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