G-Tech: Conquer the Cold With the Latest Heated Apparel

Few things will have you wishing for cold weather during your round of golf, but besides a great way to keep your beers cold it’s also the perfect opportunity to enjoy great G-Tech apparel.

I have spent the last season using my G-Tech hand warmer religiously to help give me that edge on the course and have been anxiously awaiting the brand’s foray into other gear.

You have probably seen a lot of advertisements for heated apparel recently as it appears to be the new hot item to have (no pun intended), and where G-Tech has found their niche is with your hands.

Building upon their wildly successful hand warmers, G-Tech’s new Vest and Hoodie extend their versatility into apparel. Both the Vest and Hoodie I tried are available in Mens and Womens sizes and cuts.


For the golfer looking for a traditional piece of clothing that provides the flexibility to be worn as part of any ensemble, a vest is the way to go, and the styling and comfort of G-Tech’s vest is the best I’ve tested to date. The cut of this piece is very athletic with stretchable side panels making it fit nice and snug. I find this sort of fit advantageous from a golf perspective as it provides minimal swing interference.

The vest is powered by a rechargeable 7.4 volt compact battery that provides heat for 12 hours on the low setting. I found myself most frequently using the middle heat setting and got about 4-5 hours of battery life with no issues.

One thing to always consider with any heated apparel is where the battery sits and how that can impact your swing. The battery pack on the G-Tech vest sits tucked into the breast pocket, which I found to be both good and bad. On a positive note, the battery doesn’t sway or move during any of your natural swing rotation. The issue, instead, is around comfort. I found it to be a little distracting pressed against my chest at times and would have preferred it to be situated on my side or against the middle of my back.

The vest does not have heating elements throughout it as heat bars only provide warmth in the pockets. I was surprised, however, how well that heat radiated from the pockets and up my chest to keep me warm. I think the heating only being in the pocket, again, has both positives and negatives. Compared to other heated clothing this will not provide the same level of heat to your entire body. That said, I tend to run warm when playing, anyways, and may not want the full body heat. I can, however, count on the fact that the pockets will always be warm.

Animation of the internal pocket bar featured in the G-Tech Vest

The material on this vest is water-resistant so morning mist or a light rain are okay, but don’t consider it rain gear. Maybe the best part about this vest is that it’s machine washable and hang-to-dry. I have washed my vest 6 times already and have had no problems!


Golf hoodies have become a standard part of many golfers’ wardrobes, and if you don’t have one yet then the G-Tech heated hoodie is definitely one you should consider. Utilizing the same heating bar concept as their vest and external hand warmers, the hoodie is a great solution for staying warm during an early morning chill or late evening rounds.

The battery on G-Tech’s hoodie is stored securely in a zippered pocket inside the front pouch. It actually took me a few minutes of searching to find it, but once I did the battery installation was so easy and it stays out of your way. The soft, fleece-lined pouch is very comfortable and helps hold the heat around your hands.

I was initially worried that the front pouch would get in the way during swings, but for the most part it was okay. I say okay because there were times on full drivers and long-iron swings where I could feel it whipping around a little. If you are focused on short-game shots then this will not be an issue at all.

A really nice feature of this hoodie is that it has a high neckline. I love how much that keeps the chill away and I haven’t had any issues with my face rubbing against it while swinging.

Like with the vest, the hoodie is only heated in the pouch. The heat from the front pouch did not spread to the rest of my body quite the same as it did with the vest, but I still thought it provided some additional body warmth. I find myself wearing this hoodie all the time now, even off the course as it is the perfect way to fight that nip of winter chill.

Battery / Sizing

Both the vest and hoodie come bundled with a 7.4 volt rechargeable battery. The battery life on all the products in the G-Tech family is basically the same, in my opinion. The battery is covered by a nice rubber shell and is not too large – comparable to a thin wallet, I’d say. The batteries do not have a USB port so don’t count on them to charge any of your other electronics.

From a sizing perspective, G-Tech’s apparel runs true to what I’d consider standard dimensions. If you normally wear a large shirt or jacket, go with large. If you are worried about form fitting, the elastic on the vest will make it snug and the hoodie isn’t overly baggy, either. One of my friends whose size is truly on the fence said he’d go with the larger version, in case that’s helpful.

Hand Warmer

G-Tech’s flagship product is still their heated hand warmers. If you haven’t seen or tried one of these out on the course yet then you’re in for a real treat! These things are life changing and I make sure I always have mine fully charged and in the bag. Even a little bit of heat for your hands can go a long way in making your round not only more tolerable but enjoyable. Read the full review I did on the hand warmers last year by checking out that article, linked below:

If you watched any of last year’s Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits you may have noticed Team USA sporting G-Tech hand warmers, and if you’ve ever braved the Straits then you know the cold air Lake Michigan throws at you can be brutal. I won’t say that warm hands were the secret to victory for Team USA, but it certainly couldn’t have hurt. If you want to get pumped up for this year’s Ryder Cup, by the way, watch G-Tech’s hype video below!

A deal that will make you feel warm and fuzzy

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