TRUE Linkswear: Elevate Your Game from the Ground Up

Do you like stylish shoes? Have unusually-shaped feet? Want a more athletic grounding for your golf swing? Want to keep your feet dry on the course?

TRUE Linkswear has you covered on all fronts, with a variety of shoe types, sizes and styles that will cater to the needs and desires of nearly all golfers. Their shoes are incredibly well-constructed with comfortable, versatile materials that ensure a pleasant stroll both on and off the golf course, as well as a better foundation for a great golf swing.

Troy and I have spent much of the spring testing TRUE Linkswear shoes, and we’ve both been blown away at how awesome the experience has been as we’ve started the season in great comfort and style on the course.

Troy demolishes a tee shot in his All Day Knit II’s

TRUE OG Sport – THE Golf Shoe for Wide Feet

Don’t underestimate the importance of good foot health.

My odd-shaped feet have plagued my golf game over the years. Dealing with extremely wide proportions, it’s been a constant struggle to find shoes that are wide enough to provide ample comfort over 18 holes of walking. Most brands simply don’t come in sizes wide enough for my feet, and I’ve chosen shoes with the wrong width on numerous occasions which has led to discomfort and poor play.

Last year, the problem culminated in a foot injury that forced me off the course (and even into a walking boot) for a couple weeks in the early summer and nagged me all the way into the fall. What started as a promising 2022 golf season quickly turned into a painful grind filled with inconsistent scores.

I now firmly believe that the injury was caused by wearing the wrong shoes both on and off the course. For that reason, I’ve put a renewed focus into finding the right shoes for my unique feet this season. And in the early going, I think I’ve finally found the right golf shoe to not only avoid injury but also elevate my game – the TRUE OG Sport.

The OG Sport comes in two distinguished colors – deep sea and cobblestone

The OG Sport is available in wide sizes – Medium Wide (D-E) or Extra-wide (up to EEE). The EEE width is perfect for my “square” feet. On top of that, the material is very stretchable, allowing feet to push out to the optimal dimensions. This is especially crucial for my uber-wide feet which can push against the sides of shoes to cause discomfort and throw a wrench in my swing.

Even with a waterproof lining, the OG Sport is a lightweight shoe and I’ve definitely felt an extra bounce in my step wearing them on the course. At just 10.2 ounces, it almost feels like you’re walking barefoot, but with much better stability and traction.

For a lightweight, spikeless shoe, the OG Sport still provides solid traction and stability

I took the OG Sports out to the course for the first time in early April, and felt like I had discovered a cheat code for golf. My game was turbocharged that day as I cruised to a 75, my best round in two years. With shoes being the only change I made that day, I’d like to think they were a big, even crucial, part of that performance. My feet certainly felt comfortable over the full 18 holes, and my swing felt like it had better spring and lift to it.

Even though my scores have since regressed to more average levels, I still feel more comfortable and confident in the TRUE OG Sport than any other golf shoe I’ve worn in the past.

The golf course stood no chance on the first day I wore the TRUE OG Sports

Last but not least, the OG Sport is a waterproof shoe, which is important to me as someone who prefers walking in a wide range of weather and on early-morning photo shoots in the dew. I recently completed a round after a rainstorm on some extremely wet, muddy terrain, and even after toiling in the rough most of the day, my feet emerged almost completely dry. Slogging through a round with wet feet is certainly not an optimal experience, and I’m excited to tackle the rest of the season in dry standing. On hot days, I may opt for a more breathable shoe, but otherwise my feet have felt very cool in the OG Sports despite the waterproof lining.

At a very reasonable price of $149, the OG Sports are a tremendous value, especially for those of us with wide feet who have a hard time finding the right shoe dimensions.

Get your TRUE OG Sports today!

Meanwhile, Troy has been busy testing out new TRUE Linkswear offerings that are pushing the bounds of comfort and style. As a legit shoe connoisseur, he’s happily diversified his collection this spring with the versatile All Day Knit II’s and a specialty shoe that of course dropped in April – the Masters-themed LUX Hybrid Azaleas.

TRUE All Day Knit II – Add Joy to Your Walk

Comfort … Style… Performance, the All Day Knit II has it all. This premium shoe from TRUE Linkswear will have you begging to walk the course. My obsession with TRUE started several years ago when I fell in love with my TRUE All Day Ripstops (Read My Full Review Here). I have since been watching the constant release of shoes from this brand and finally found the opportunity to try the Knit II’s for myself. 

The All Day Knit II’s comes in several stylish color options, including Troy’s sleek Blue pair

The Knit II’s are mesh shoes perfect for the everyday walk and are meant to keep your feet nice and cool. Their spikeless soles provide plenty of traction, but I also find them to be comfortable to walk around in as an everyday shoe. The high ankle line did rub my heel a little at first so I tend to wear higher-cut socks with these shoes to prevent it. Other than the ankle line, these are great all around shoes for me. I keep the Knit II’s and Ripstops in my car at all times.

At a price of $118, the All Day Knit II’s are a terrific deal for those seeking comfort, breathability and a sharp look on the course.

Treat your feet to the All Day Knit II’s!

Specialty Shoes – Hit the Course with Flair 

Something to watch for from True is the occasional specialty shoe drop! One pair I picked up for myself this year was their Masters-themed True LUX Hybrid Azalea shoes. While I cannot comment on their on-course performance (I’m too scared to get them dirty) these are works of art. The detail, theme and design of these shoes is amazing. My friends were definitely jealous and I turned some heads at a Masters-themed simulator party I attended. 

It’s hard not to take a look at the LUX Hybrid Azalea’s without having thoughts of Magnolia Lane and Amen Corner creep in

Take a look at my unboxing video below: 

Pricing will vary depending on the specific shoe released, but regardless of the price all golf shoe enthusiasts should keep a lookout for the next specialty drop from TRUE Linkswear.

Closing Thoughts

With an extensive and diverse line of footwear, TRUE Linkswear has something for nearly everyone’s feet. Regardless of which features are most important to you, when you wear TRUE’s shoes you can count on having a comfortable experience and looking good on the course. Troy and I have been thrilled to dive deep into the TRUE universe this spring, and we will definitely be repeat customers for the foreseeable future.

Upgrade Your Game with TRUE Linkswear Shoes

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