Washington County: Best Practice Facility Around

With a 7:37 tee time this morning, I took the opportunity to get there an hour early to get my swing warmed up.

If you have not had a chance to use the practice facility at Washington County, I would strongly recommend it. Not only do they have a huge all-grass driving range, complete with target greens, but also two chipping greens with fairways and bunkers, and three practice holes to warm up on.

Plans are starting to come together for an end-of-the-season “Big Break” tournament on this practice facility, and it should be the perfect venue. We will be good with making the flop shot wall, and should have no issues with putting together a variety of challenging shots and scoring circles, but the one event we might have an issue with is the glass-breaking challenge. Any suggestions?

In other news, Washington County is in beautiful shape, and was playing like it’s meant to be played today, with sunny skies and swirling winds.

Hole 6: Par 3 (189/176/163/143)
Sandhill cranes on hole 7
Hole 14: Par 3 (197/175/147/92)

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