Looking Forward to: U.P. Golf Trip (MI)

This coming Thursday, eleven friends and I will be embarking on one of my most anticipated golf trips of the season: The Upper Penninsula (U.P.) of Michigan.

The U.P. is the geographically narrow, scenic penninsula that is bordered by Wisconsin, Michigan, southern Canada, and Lakes Michigan and Superior. This area is absolutely beautiful, and features huge forests, cliffs and very rugged terrain – should be perfect for great golf courses.

For $336 apiece for three nights stay at The Island Resort and Casino in Escanaba, as well as rounds at three golf courses, most wouldn’t expect the quality of the golf courses to be very high. This could not be farther from the truth, as all three courses are ranked highly in Michigan’s top state courses: Greywalls (#2 course in Michigan), Timberstone (#8) and Sweetgrass (#14). Greywalls alone has a $130 regular rate, while Timberstone ($89) and Sweetgrass ($75) are fairly pricy, as well.

From talking with friends who have made this trip, these places are magnificent. For examples of what to expect from each of them:

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