A Chance to Play My Newly Re-Gripped Clubs?

With weather supposed to reach in to the 50’s tomorrow, and sun and low-to-mid 40’s on Saturday, this weekend could turn out to be my opportunity to extend my months golfed in Wisconsin streak to 23.

I assume it depends on whether or not the snow melts, and could be a walking-only kind of round, but I’m sure I’ll take what I can get.

It would also be my first opportunity to use my newly re-gripped wedges and putter.

This week, I finally went through with trying out the wider grips on these clubs, in an effort to keep my hands straighter and decrease lateral movement on approaches and putts.

I am really curious whether or not these will help, and especially curious whether or not the oversized grips on my 52- and 56-degree wedges will make flop shots more difficult. I hadn’t considered that ahead of time, but I’m hopeful it might actually make it easier to keep a light grip.

If you work for a golf course and have any information on whether or not it will be open this weekend, please email me at wiscosportsaddict@gmail.com and let me know!

Published by WiscoGolfAddict

Writer/Photographer/Content Creator for WiscoGolfAddict.com, and occasional contributor to other [mostly state and regional] golf publications. Healthcare/long-term care industry sales/strategy professional.

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