23 Months "Achieved" – Today’s Round at Currie Park

Currie Park is not officially open today, but as I was on my way down to Muskego Lakes Country Club to get out on this beautiful January day, I noticed a number of players walking around Currie off of 45-South.

If you ask me, playing Currie is the same as playing any course at this time of the year – it’s about getting on the course and finding out how my swing has survived the off-season so far, and about finding out whether or not my new swing is as good as it has been at the driving range.

To answer those questions: The game’s not too bad – my short game hasn’t missed a beat (and I love the new wider grips on my wedges and putter), and 150 and in was as good or better than most of 2012. The straight and consistent driving that I’ve seen on the range, though, did not translate to the course. I typically found myself in the trees, and hit only one fairway in nine holes (the ninth hole, of course).

So the streak continues. I would love to know if there is a record in this state, because I’m guessing I’ve got to be getting close.

March: The Preserve at Deer Creek
April: 10+ rounds
May: 12+ rounds
June: A lot of rounds
July: A bunch rounds
August: 9+ rounds
September: 7+ rounds
October: 6+ rounds
November: 5+ rounds
December: The Bull at Pinehurst Farms

January: The Bull at Pinehurst Farms
February: Missing Links (par 3)
March: 13 rounds
April: 11 rounds
May: 22 rounds
June: 16 rounds
July: 18 rounds
August: 20 rounds
September: 10 rounds
October: 8 rounds
November: 4 rounds
December: Mee-Kwon Golf Course

January: Currie Park

As a side note, what is up with the green on the sixth hole at Currie? On a course with relatively level putting surfaces, the sixth is crowned highly in the back, with the slope falling quickly on all sides. I had a great approach shot on this hole with a five-wood from the rough, only to three-putt for bogey. Ugh. I’ll take a 46 on January 12, though 🙂

Hole 6: Par 4 (391/368/350)
Turkey on the 7th hole

Hole 8: Par 3 (137/114/94)

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