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This past week, a friend of mine at North Hills Country Club talked with me about the unbelievable potential benefits of social networking/marketing.

So, finally, I started up Facebook and Twitter accounts for WiscoSportsAddict, with which I will share updates on my own game, and of course updates and insights in to the world of Wisconsin and Midwest golf.

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The amazing thing I’ve found about using Facebook in the past week for this venture is that it really takes the oweness off of me to have to post such long updates on here!

The bad thing about Twitter: I am awful at it. I know I suck at it, but I’ll try to get better and post more often 🙂 The amazing thing about it is how many people start following me each day!

Since I started this venture several years ago, I’ve felt that people appreciate the long, detailed course reviews with pictures and run-downs of each hole. This has made it a bit intimidating for me to post more often, especially this year when I had a girlfriend up until last week (who hated golf, and especially hated any time I would play golf).

My immediate goal is to be able to treat my blog in the same way – not every post has to be 5,000 words, but it should be something interesting, even if it is just something interesting about the state of my own game (which is not awesome right now, considering I’m now on to my third swing change of the season!), and hopefully something relate-able to all of you.

The statistics for my blog have been absolutely through the roof this year, which is incredible to me considering how little I have actually been able to write. The blog has literally been averaging hundreds of visitors per day, and several times more than it did in 2012 (when I was writing constantly).

I promise you all that I will start writing more – I just don’t promise to do the all-points reviews as often as I have in the past!

I have a renewed vision, and am hoping to actually engage with you all more often going forward. My ask of you: Interact with me! I want to hear from my readers, and I’d love to find out about you all and what’s going on in your own games, where you’ve been playing that you enjoy or what you think of my course reviews – am I off? Am I dead on?

The purpose of a blog, and my ultimate goal, is to create not only a place that is searchable on the web where golf enthusiasts are able to find all the information they want on particular golf courses, but also to bring them together and allow them to interact and have discussions, be them in agreement or otherwise.

I hope you’re all having an awesome 2013 golf season. I feel like mine is just getting started, and has been pretty aggressive in the past week or so since I became “Single Paul” again. I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season has to offer – hopefully it’ll be a long Summer and Fall 🙂


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