THIRTEEN handicap… Fitting.

Right now I’m on my third completely unique swing of the season, and I think I’m finally on the right track. My buddy Adam, who used to be a Pro at Northern Bay and then at Bull’s Eye Country Club (who I went to the Farmers Insurance Open with last January), changed everything up for me last month, and I feel like it’s heading in the right direction. I’m finally thinking about tempo, and slowing down the back-swing and staying in control of the swing plane/slowing things down a bit. It’s been tough, though, and my handicap remains at 13. Can I get down to a single-digit handicap this season? We’ll see!

The good news: I’m pretty much in line with most of the guys at the Club. The bad news: They all seem to have “North Hills handicaps,” which basically means they’ll shoot 78-82 in tournaments, but miss any putt that doesn’t matter on regular days!

The good news about playing at such a challenging golf course is that it makes me a lot better at more open courses that have bigger greens. The bad news is I keep shooting between 86-92. It’ll all get better from here, though, I hope!

Published by WiscoGolfAddict

Writer/Photographer/Content Creator for, and occasional contributor to other [mostly state and regional] golf publications. Healthcare/long-term care industry sales/strategy professional.

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