Milwaukee Golf Expo Weekend

The Milwaukee Golf Expo, open until 4 pm CST today and held annually at the Wisconsin State Fair Park, is Wisconsin golf’s season-opening ceremony and every area golf enthusiast’s must-do for preparing their schedule during for the upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall.

Last year’s expo was held during frigid March conditions, but golfers came out in droves, anyways. This year, with warm Spring weather, the promise of an early season start has everyone excited and had the hall absolutely packed.

A few of the must-do’s for all golfers interested in setting themselves up for a better golf season:

  1. Visit Marc Gilmore, Dave Douglas and Joe Rizzo from “The Perfect 4-Some” U.P. golf and casino trip based out of Harris, MI
  2. Try out some new clubs – specifically, try out the newest and greatest equipment like TaylorMade’s new Aero Burner:
  3. Find a new course to check out in Wisconsin this season – there are a TON of opportunities for this, for example just a few possibilities:
    1. Waushara
    2. Timber Ridge
    3. Lawsonia
    4. Mascoutin
    5. Baraboo Country Club
    6. The Bog
    7. Morningstar
    8. Fairways of Woodside
    9. Erin Hills
    10. Whistling Straits (ask about their early-season rates!)
  4. Talk with people from out-of-state golfing destinations and work on a trip!
    1. Minnesota
    2. The U.P. in Michigan
    3. Alabama – both the RTJ Trail and Gulf Shores
    4. Mississippi
    5. Williamsburg
    6. Illinois
    7. Indiana
  5. Get your free round of golf at any Milwaukee County golf course – free with price of admission
  6. Get great deals on golf equipment and attire! Nevada Bob’s, for example, is always looking to make a deal
  7. Try your luck on the Lexus chipping challenge – a couple things to keep in mind in this 6-shots-for-$5 event:
    1. You cannot fly this green and have any chance of being close
    2. Bump-and-run is the play
    3. With a middle pin location, the ball moves right-to-left when it gets up to the putting surface

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