Another Writer’s Perspective: North Hills Country Club

Back in October, my friend and fellow golf blogger Kris Halsrud (Kristazio on Golf) visited from Minnesota to deliver his beautiful painting he did for me at Whistling Straits, and also to play a couple rounds of Wisconsin golf on an epic Fall day.

The weather was amazing, and we took full advantage of it with a 36-hole day combining the River course at Blackwolf Run and my home club in Menomonee Falls, North Hills Country Club.

I really enjoy bringing guests out to North Hills. The conditions are always pristine, the course is challenging, fair and well thought out, and the membership is fantastic.

After being humbled (understatement of the year) at Blackwolf Run, it was nice to play a course a little less intimidating. North Hills is no pushover, but also does not play 7,000-plus yards with water, woods and engulfing fescue everywhere!

Kris posted his article about his North Hills Country Club experience last night, and it was interesting reading it over the common themes to the North Hills layout that a first-time player notices: More right-to-left holes than the other way around, out-of-bounds only to the left (the front nine travels the perimeter of the property, while the back nine uses the land inside), small greens with very little room to miss, and of course the immaculate conditions the club is best known for.

One thing he missed, though: The varying slopes of the greens and how heavily they affect approach shots and course strategy. There are very few courses that require as much precision on shots in to the greens because of the speed and break that will need to be managed!

Here is Kris’s write-up on his North Hills Country Club experience – enjoy!

North Hills Country Club, by Kris Halsrud (Kristazio on Golf)

Have you played North Hills Country Club? What were your take-aways from your first round there?

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