Wisconsin Golf Season is Here [Hopefully]

Like me, you’re probably pessimistic about this entire early Spring in Wisconsin thing. It just seems too good to be true, right?

That aside, many local courses are set to open this weekend, including the Broadlands, Mee-Kwon, Naga-Waukee, The Oaks, and the majority of our area county courses.

Are courses opening too early this year?

When I walk the rough at North Hills Country Club, it’s obvious the turf is improving but incredibly saturated and muddy.

The warm weather is drying things up quickly, though, and like you I’m hoping Spring is here to stay!

Do you have any plans to play this week/weekend? Have you played already? If so, what are your thoughts on such an early start to the golf season?

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3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Golf Season is Here [Hopefully]

  1. Hey Paul,

    Some courses here in Calgary have opened today — on full greens! This is unprecedented. An early golf season is sure exciting, however, I think courses are taking a bit of a risk peeling their tarps off this early. It’s not unusual for us to get a cold snap with snow in late march and/or early April regardless of the weather that precedes it. I won’t be forking over any green fees just yet to play in rough conditions. My home course indicated that if the weather stays good, we’re looking at a Masters weekend opening (which is still historically early). Until then, I will likely just utilize the driving range until my home course opens, or until conditions start improving at other courses.


    1. Almost all area courses opened in the Milwaukee area today, including Washington County, Geneva National (not Milwaukee area, but a great Wisconsin golf venue), Fire Ridge, etc. Hopefully North Hills CC won’t be too far behind!

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