“Moving Day”

First off, my apologies for not posting anything in two months! It gets intimidating when it’s been awhile, making me feel like it has to be a great first post back (which I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t – sorry;). Might as well just get things back on track, though!

The issue is that my fiance and I purchased a new house (on the golf course!), which has kept us extremely busy and I have not had a chance to set up any kind of an office or place to write from regularly.

Since our own “Moving Day,” my golf season has consisted of quite a few rounds at North Hills Country Club, which has been in fantastic shape despite the up-and-down weather, a freezing nine-hole tournament at Old Hickory (which I’m excited to get back to and check out) and an almost as cold round on the River course at Blackwolf Run with clients a couple weeks ago. It was cold as hell and windy, but still awesome.

I started out the season with an SLDR driver that I purchased from the pro shop at the end of last season and never had a chance to try. I used it for two rounds and snap-hooked everything.

My boss, who just got the new TaylorMade M2, suggested I try out his old Ping G25 driver with a shaft that should be better for my swing speed,  and my driving game so far this year has been brilliant! It’s so much more fun starting from fairways than from tree lines.

My low round of the season so far has been a couple of 84’s, but I feel like this could be a great season and hope to get my handicap trend down from 10.7 to 8.

The other really exciting news is the massive success of the new-member promotional program at North Hills. The promotion has brought in about 50 new members under the age of 50, including a lot of really fun guys who are tremendously avid golfers (and solid players – the combined handicap of the three guys I played with the other night, for example, was 3.5 (+1.1, 0, 3.6))!

The promotional program will continue until July 31, then goes away with reduced down-strokes and monthly credit opportunities disappearing. It has put the club in a tremendously healthy position going forward, and brings a good energy, as well.

If you are curious what I’m talking about, I posted it here:

North Hills Country Club’s New Membership Promotion

In honor of [Day 2 of] “Moving Day” at The Player’s Championship, enjoy these commercials from Penske:

Moving Day, by Penske

Today is really cold, and really windy, but I’m still playing and need to take off in the next 30 minutes, so I better wrap this up. I hope you all are enjoying the start of the 2016 golf season, and I look forward to continuing to bring you great golf articles and course reviews in 2016.

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  1. You live on a golf course? Now that is awesome. I might have to come and tee it up down your way this summer – if budget allows that is. If you happen to head to PEI (amazing golf – just saying) let me know and we can tee it up here.


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