Grooveit Brush: Every Golfer Needs One of These

As the Winter snow melts away and the frozen tundra is finally thawing out, golf courses across the Midwest will be reopening for the new season again soon.

While we’re all excited to get in our first rounds of 2022, when we actually hit the links we’ll realize quickly how messy of an endeavor it is.

The grass is thin, ground is saturated and every swing results in another swipe of the club face against your golf towel – by the end of the round we’re basically just smearing mud from one end of the wedge to the other on a wet rag. Especially when it’s a brand new towel you just carabiner’ed to your bag this offseason, it’s not the happiest of moments!

While the Grooveit brush was invented to help keep your irons clean all year long, I learned this past week that it’s especially important to have handy during the early season to not only keep your clubs shiny and clean but also avoid destroying your brand new vanity towels.

A small and attractive little accessory, Grooveit is the easiest, and one of the most impactful, golf purchases you can make this Spring. It’s compact, attaches securely to your bag and requires no upkeep other than the occasional refill.

Grooveit attached to my Vessel VLS stand bag

Grooveit attaches to the towel carabiner on your bag and features a ridiculously strong magnet that secures the brush end to the attachment, allowing players to remove and reattach it quickly. Why’s that important?

This portability allows you to bring Grooveit to your clubs versus bringing your clubs to it, which is how most personal club-cleaning devices work.

The Grooveit brush detached from its carabiner

Simply unclick the brush section from the bag attachment and press the button on the butt-end of the Grooveit to spray water or cleaning solution on to the dirty club face, then use the nylon brush bristles to scrub (see Grooveit’s YouTube video below for demonstration).

The nylon brush was designed to clean your clubs, not scratch them like some devices with metallic ends can. Especially when you have brand new, high-end clubs like my new Argolf irons, you want to do everything you can to keep them looking brand new while maintaining the sharp grooves that provide peak performance.

While straight water is sufficient, many players add a drop of dish soap to help work up a lather and provide a little shine. Simply unscrew the lid of the tube, fill it with your cleaner of choice and you’ll be ready to rock.

Honestly, this one’s a no-brainer… If you’re looking for something small that’ll enhance your golf experience this season, get a Grooveit brush to attach to your own bag.

At just $24.95 with free shipping (plus 10% off when using the discount code WISCO10), it’s an absolute steal for a product you’ll find yourself using constantly on the course, especially during these Spring and Fall shoulder seasons here in the Midwest.

Link to Grooveit’s Website – “The Wet Club Scrub”

Use discount code WISCO10 for 10% off your order!

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Check out Grooveit’s official YouTube video here:

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