The State of the Game of Golf in Wisconsin

With rounds coming up tomorrow and Saturday morning with America’s #1 Intern, Patrick Koenig, it got me thinking about what it would be like to play 75 different golf courses in 52 days. Then I started thinking about it on more of a macro level…

The State of Golf in Wisconsin: How it got to where it is today, the current environment and what’s to come.

PGA Championship Volunteering Experience at Whistling Straits

With the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits for the third time in 2015, I lept at the opportunity this year to take part in it. North Hills Country Club, where I have been a member for the past three years, teamed up this year with Tuckaway Country Club to marshal the fourteenth hole. I have never volunteeredContinue reading “PGA Championship Volunteering Experience at Whistling Straits”

PGA Championship Week at Whistling Straits

It’s here – today is day one of the PGA Championship week at Whistling Straits! The weather in Kohler, Wisconsin has been waffling between overcast and rainy, and sunny and perfect, but practice rounds are being played today and tomorrow until 7:30 pm CST. I will be making the trip up to the Straits tomorrow afterContinue reading “PGA Championship Week at Whistling Straits”

Golf Course Review: Whistling Straits, Straits Course

Whistling Straits, Straits Course Rankings: Golf Digest: #4 US public, #22 US top 100, #48 world top 100, #6 US toughest, #1 Wisconsin GolfWeek: #6 US modern, #4 US resort, #1 Wisconsin public #28 US top 100, #6 US public, #49 world top 100 Designer: Pete Dye (1997) Currently rated the number two public golfContinue reading “Golf Course Review: Whistling Straits, Straits Course”

The Straits Course is on the Books!

It is the undisputed best course in the state, and consistently ranked as the number two course in the country behind only Pebble Beach. It hosted the PGA Championship in 2004 and 2010, and is scheduled to host it again in 2015, not to mention the Ryder Cup in 2020. Tiger Woods (practice round) onContinue reading “The Straits Course is on the Books!”