WiscoGolfAddict’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Golf and Father’s Day are two things that just naturally go together. Any golfing Dad, whether a casual or serious player, will appreciate a golf-themed present, so the team at WiscoGolfAddict.com has put together a list of our favorite golf gifts to ensure you’ll put a huge smile on the face of the Dad in your life.

We broke down the list by cost so you can easily browse based on how much you want to spend.

Click on any of the photos below for more information on the product, as well as links to buy.


Warlock Golf
Buy Warlock ball markers on their website

Unique ball markers are a fun way for golfers to show off some style and create conversations on the green. Check out the fresh designs from Warlock Golf.

Get your Sphero on Amazon

Sphero is an app controlled robotic golf ball. It also offers STEM opportunities for Dads looking for something fun to do with kids.

Sundog Eyewear
Get your Sundog golf glasses on their website
Discount Code: WISCO20 (20% off)

Sundog eyewear has created a line of sunglasses specifically targeted toward golfers. The lens and frame combinations will enhance your experience out on the course.

coLLo Apparel
coLLo Apparel website
Discount Code: wisco (15% off)

coLLo apparel will have you looking unique out on the course with their unique take on “collared” shirts

Strapped Golf
Get your Strapped accessories on their website
Discount Code: WISCO (20% off)

Make sure your rangefinder is always at the ready with a stylish case or magnetic strap from Strapped Golf.



True Linkswear
True Linkswear website

True’s All Day Ripstop is a casual golf shoe perfect for the course or clubhouse. Comfortable to wear and with colors for any style, these are a great golf shoe at a great price.

Sunday Loma Bag
Shop Sunday Golf’s collection on their website
Discount Code: Daddy (15% off)

The Sunday Loma bag is perfect for dads heading to the range or their local par 3. It holds just enough clubs and gear while staying nice and compact.

SunGod Eyewear
Customize a pair of SunGods on their website

SunGod sunglasses are offering highly customizable frames and lens combinations sure to appeal to any golfer.

One Under Golf
Get your BX40 magnetic speaker on Amazon

Get in the groove on the course with the One Under Golf GX40 magnetic wireless speaker. This powerful speaker will have your favorite tunes fill the course as you drain that birdie putt.



Blue Tees Series 3 Max Rangefinder
Shop Blue Tees on their website
Discount Code: WISCOGOLF (10% off)

A Blue Tees Rangefinder will be a gift used every round this season. High-quality optics, great construction and optimal performance make this the perfect first rangefinder or upgrade for any golf enthusiast.

Duca Del Cosma luxury golf shoes
Get your next great pair of golf shoes on their website

Duca Del Cosma is bringing to the first tee the style of Italian fashion and quality of high-end European manufacturing. Check out their unique designs and color options for the golfer in your life who demands both quality and style.

Category 4 Torrent Golf Bag
Cat4 website
Discount Code: Wisco10 (10% off)

Galway Bay raingear
Shop Galway Bay on their website
Discount Code: wisco25 (25% off)

Keep your Dad playing in any weather condition with premium apparel from Galway Bay. Known for incredible performance the Galway Bay line continues to expand with their new Chino Mens Pants.

Argolf wedges
Shop Argolf on their website

My new favorite club manufacturer, Argolf makes incredibly high-quality wedges that are sure to help the dad in your life dial in their short game this season.



One of the biggest trends hitting Midwest golf right now is electric, remote-controlled caddies. WiscoGolfAddict.com has been ahead of this trend for years, reviewing some of the top models available today, including:

Bat-Caddy X8R
Shop Bat-Caddy’s custom carts on their website
Discount Code: wiscogolfaddict (10% off)

The leader in remote controlled electric carts, Bat-Caddy’s new line of X8R’s and X4R’s allow you to fully customize the color combinations, making your Bat-Caddy truly one of a kind. The X8R features the smoothest ride of any caddy we’ve reviewed.

Bat-Caddy X4R
Shop Bat-Caddy on their website
Discount Code: wiscogolfaddict (10% off)

The predecessor of the X8R, the X4R features a lot of the same great features as the newer model but at a lower price point. This is the cart I used most over the past season and a half.

Stewart Golf Q Follow
Get your Stewart electric caddy/trolley on their website
Discount Code: WISCO-150 ($150 off)

Walk the course carefree with the Stewart Golf Q Follow electric caddy. This high tech Caddy will leave you wondering how you ever played without one.

Cart Tek Yellowstone
Get your Cart Tek Yellowstone on their website

One of the best electric carts that’s capable of doubling as a push cart, the Yellowstone is a very smooth operating machine with terrific ease of use and setup.

MGI Zip Navigator
Shop the Zip Navigator on Amazon

The Zip Navigator’s gyroscopic motion makes it one of the most easily navigable carts on the market today, and its great battery readout is a great feature that not many others have.

MotoCaddy M7
Shop MotoCaddy on Amazon

Most of the most compact and portable options on the market, the M7 has great accessories options, a powerful and stable ride.

CaddyTrek R2
Shop CaddyTrek on their website
Discount Code: WISCOGOLF ($100 off)

One of the most feature-rich models on the market, the R2 by CaddyTrek has 4 distinct modes including remote, follow, march and manual.

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